High power Transponders

I just got a job with the local state Toll Road system doing maintenance and fixing the physical systems they have in place. I frequently work on transponders/antennas that put out around .8-2 watts of power. Would this damage or overwrite (clear, they have been known to clear ID Badges) the data on the Implant? I would like to get one but i don’t want to get it if it will be damaged.

What kind of ID badges? RFID badges or magstripe? Seems odd that that would happen. The high power transponders are UHF so their frequency is no where near the NFC frequency and operate on a different power transfer principal.

With high gain antennas, you’ll want to be careful to limit your RF exposure to your body anyway. You don’t want to point a flat panel antenna at yourself at close range running 2W @ 900mhz. At 3 ft range you are over the RF exposure limit for a controlled environment.

The Frequency ranges from 902-928Mhz at 2W max. And I don’t know about magstripe, I suspect they would but it has wiped my trainers RFID badge twice. Now he keeps it in the van while we work on them. And for the RF contact, its not very often we have to work on one (maby once every 4-5 months) but while we are working on it we are directly aganst it while its off, booting, running and shutting down. What would 900Mhz do at close range? Im going to look that up to see what exactly you mean.

Have you tried scanning the badge with an RFID app like TagInfo (android)?

I used this calculator: http://hintlink.com/power_density.htm

Also see