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Hi, me and my partner are both poking to get a implant but we’re just intending to use it for security at our home, we like to have the front door locked, but my partner has a issue with her sister taking her stuff so we would like to have a smart lock installed on the bedroom door as it will keep her out and it will be less hassle for going in and out of the room, we’re looking to have 3 doors in our home with the smart lock, could anyone give any information on what type of implant would be best suited for the job and also if me and my partner both get chipped can each of our be connected to all 3 of the locks?

Where are you. Doors are different in the US and Europe so different locks are applicable.

While I am not going to suggest a lock as I don’t have any implants, you can usually program doors to accept multiple tokens. My front door lock is programmed for about 4, and if we had the same type of lock on the back door the same tokens would open both.

I haven’t tested the TownSteel lock I am using on the front door with an implant (it lights a diagnostic card but I can’t get it to light an XLED key chain) but if I knew it worked with an implant I would recommend it. That will cost you around $800 - $1,000 for three doors.

Yeah, me and my partner are wanting to have the front door, our bedroom door and also a closet door,I think we are looking to get the same lock for the 3 doors, what frequency is safe or more suitable for home security? 125 or 13.56? There near to no information about it in the uk so it’s really hard to do research on it, thankfully I’ve found this brilliant forum

NExT implant would do the job. However, id suggest that you use the samsung lock model which Amal used in his TedTalk or have the implant introduced to you before you buy and canvas any lock, therefore buying the right model for your needs and with which chip is already installed to you.

Be sure to check this out too, if you haven’t already.

Chip compatibility matrix - Google Sheets

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Neither frequency is safer if the lock only uses the UID from the chip. It is generally easier to clone low frequency chips because the T5577 can emulate various different chips, and have its UID changed. (Not really, but it will emulate a chip with a different UID, so same same.)

Most newer locks use NFC and those can be harder to clone. But most locks tend to just use Mifare cards and check the UID. Meaning you can clone them with a magic chip.

In all cases read distance is at best a few inches, so if you only use implants just keep your hands to yourselves and you should be good.

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I would use only an High frequency lock. So you can learn your implants to all locks.
And if your sister need to access the house, she will get a card, which works only with the front door - not with the other doors.