Honeywell IK3 compatible Implantat

Hello all,

I am looking for an Implantat compatible to Honeywell IK3 fobs
I know the existing fobs are 125kHz and they seems to use rolling code procedure.

This is the reader:
Seems there are no english datasheets available.
This should be helpful:
proX2 / IK3 mit Wechselcode (EM4102 und EM4150 Transponder)

Our Admin said he could learn the Impantat so I do not need to clone it.
Is there any reading device I should buy to read the fob to find out what is the right implantat?

While I cannot guarantee that a t5577 will work its probably your best bet. You would have to have it programmed with a valid prox id before you enrol it as its an emulation chip. I deffinatly recommend getting a couple of cards to play with first (like those KSEC SOLUTIONS sell in the uk/eu)


I forgot to mention, I also have a china RFID door lock at home.

It uses also 125kHz china fobs.

I tried to learn my Honeywell fob from the office but the reader cannot read it.

The very best solution would be a Implantat for both systems, at home and office.

If I can just get one of them, I would buy a Honeywell reader for at home….

What hardware for read/write should I buy to get started?

This card?

If one tag won’t work with the other its unlikely 1 implant will do both. Yes there the cards I was referring to.

I received my t5577 card.
Our local admin tried to read it with thair hardware.
He can read by two ways, with the same reader
1 Console / Putty, it showes a 20 digit UID
2 company own tool to manage the fobs

Both, the t5577 and the Honeywell fob shows a 20 digits UID
The company tool showes a 7 digit number with the geniue fobs and with the t5577 it showes its UID only

This cannot been used to unlock doors etc., software shows a error message.

What can i try now?
Should i bus any 125kHz read/write Hardware?
Wich one?

I think it’s pretty safe to say you need a Proxmark to identify which chip your company tag is exactly, and probably to reprogram your T5577 to match it.


Yep what rosco said, depending on where you got the t5577 its likely to be programmed to emulate a em400x card

Can you take a photo of your Reader(s) at your work.

Just so we can confirm for you.

You have a couple of options, and depending on what you plan to do in the future.

A honeywell fob is capable of HID Prox, EM4102 and AWID.

If you are just after a quick solution
I would reccomend the DT Blue Cloner as it is capable of reading / writing all of those modes. There are other options out there, that you may find for cheaper, but they are a luck of the draw as some will visually look the same, but their internals could be something different.
:warning: if you use a blue cloner, you will then have a pin put on it, This won’t affect the functionality, but it will prevent you using other writers.

Other than that, it is a simple and cheap solution for you. $40

Your other option is a Proxmark, of which there are a couple of choices there also $50 - $300 one of which you will need at some stage IF you need deal with the blue cloner pin.

But first, take the reader photos so we have a better idea of what we are dealing with


i got my Proxmark3 today.

Thats what I get with lf search

Found data at sample: 3590 - using clock: 64
Block 0: b44fd540
Parities Passed

Valid EM4x50 ID Found!

lf em 4x50read

Note: one block = 50 bits (32 data, 12 parity, 6 marker)

Block 0:
10110100 0 -> 0xb4
01001111 1 -> 0x4f
11010101 1 -> 0xd5
01000000 1 -> 0x40

01101110 0 -> 0x6e
Parity Passed
Found data at sample: 3590 - using clock: 64
Block 0: b44fd540
Parities Passed

the blue cloner cannot clone the Honeywell fob

Seems the Proxmark3 cannot do much with the Honeywell fobs
Really basic read / identify, no clone function.
Is there any implantat that can emulate the EM4x50 ?

you should still be able to do a dump and write the T5577 pages manually… in theory… never tried it.

How can I dump the EM4x50 ?

i’ve not done it before but my hunch is that the T5577 can easily be set up to emulate a honeywell chip, particularly the EM4x50 family… possibly the proxmark forums can shed some light?