Honeywell IK3 compatible Implantat

Hello all,

I am looking for an Implantat compatible to Honeywell IK3 fobs
I know the existing fobs are 125kHz and they seems to use rolling code procedure.

This is the reader:
Seems there are no english datasheets available.
This should be helpful:
proX2 / IK3 mit Wechselcode (EM4102 und EM4150 Transponder)

Our Admin said he could learn the Impantat so I do not need to clone it.
Is there any reading device I should buy to read the fob to find out what is the right implantat?

While I cannot guarantee that a t5577 will work its probably your best bet. You would have to have it programmed with a valid prox id before you enrol it as its an emulation chip. I deffinatly recommend getting a couple of cards to play with first (like those KSEC SOLUTIONS sell in the uk/eu)


I forgot to mention, I also have a china RFID door lock at home.

It uses also 125kHz china fobs.

I tried to learn my Honeywell fob from the office but the reader cannot read it.

The very best solution would be a Implantat for both systems, at home and office.

If I can just get one of them, I would buy a Honeywell reader for at home….

What hardware for read/write should I buy to get started?

This card?

If one tag won’t work with the other its unlikely 1 implant will do both. Yes there the cards I was referring to.