Hope to help some peeps & make a buck or two (if im allowed)

I have a few CE74783-ZAW


Boss was throwing them out. All brand new, most still in packaging besides the few I took out to look at.

I believe they are just the READERS. But all have its own personal addresses…

While trying to do research on them I have not found anything. I do plan on keeping one for myself… especially once I start seeing the projects made from them :slightly_smiling_face::grin:

I’ll be posting in RFID IMPLANTS FACEBOOK as well

They are selling for $800??

:flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed: there ain’t no way. For a single unit?

A zigbee hub as described would indicate it’s a receiver for zigbee devices not an RFID reader. But yeah seems like the company doesn’t even mention the product on their site so it’s hard to find info. The one site has them listed for over $800 but without any other sites to compare it to, could be just a “Hey Jimmy, stick it up there with some stupid price to see if someone buys it” type deal.

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Well I mean, with that being said. What would be a recommended fair price for everyone?

If that price per unit is correct.
I will be losing out on ALOT… going by my pricing in the original posting!

But I’m not about to scam fellow members. Because that price per unit is extremely mind blowing.

Looks like there zigbee hubs for hotels ect where the doorlocks, aircon ect are connected. Found a datasheet with the part number, dosnt seem like there rfid anything :frowning:

looking at the price on that website seems like a crazy feels like the low supply so raise the price or we don’t have it so put a crazy price.

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sell em for 500 bucks and donate some apex around :smiley:


So they are useless or at least useless to us?

Dont know anything about them, but definitely was gonna get a buck or two if they were rfid :man_facepalming::sweat_smile:

saflok-order-guide-11-2017-pdf.pdf (11.6 MB)

Pages 13-15 give you an idea of the system. “Useless” is a stretch if they can be used with something like homeassistant then they could be fun or I’d there hackable in any way.

Id definitely be willing to send one to you if you’re willing to give it a try/see what you can do?

I can also open one up and post what’s inside… I just don’t know enough to tell anyone anything that I’m looking at :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:

I do have a whole lot of them though​:pray::pray:

Crack one open and post lots of pics, there’s better people than me on here but pictures are definatly a start.


Guessing they are proprietary to work with their Messenger LENS access control system.
Throw them up on ebay.

A little video of what happened while tryna figure it out lol

Still have not figured out how to make the green led light up on my unit lol

That being said… if anyone sees anything that can be of use, let me know.

I am willing to send a few units out to see if anyone can figure it out :sweat_smile:

yep no rf antenna so not much to do on the rfid side of things. would love a crack at using it as a hub but that’s as far as it stretches personally

So there’s ethernet (port not populated but looks like everything else is) including controller tlk110.

Big atmel chip (sticker covering partnumber best case its something like a atmega 2560) and interestingly looks like the zigbee controller is completely seperate board. Debug and jtag connectors as well as serial. I’d love to get one to see if it’s usable but if you wanna list them on ebay you might find a buyer.