Hoping for Dangerous things APP for iOS

Is an APP for iOS in the works I just signed up for Beta Testing Nfc Ideas “Test Flight” Reader APP and have a request into them for integrating a writer with in also I’ve been in conversation with mid and upper level Apple Tech Support and Development about the possibility of expanding options for bio hacking applications with in the Apple eco-system. I think It would be uber cool is we could configure with Apple Pay. Just a wave of the hand at Starbucks and bam that latte is paid for…just the beginning of a brave new world and I’m excited for the possibilities

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Well definitely let us know if you get into any serious conversations with anyone at Apple… the only way forward with iOS is to partner with Apple.

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First step for iOS FansI’ve been in apples beta testing for the past few years and this year with iOS 11 NfcIdeas invited me to beta test their reader/writer app for iOS it was called “TestFlight” and now I’m Very Happy to Share this Notification email I received from NfcIdeas on the 20th of September 2017

Thank you for participating in the iOS 11 NFC IDEAS App Beta program, and glad we could be a part of your introduction to the new Core NFC Framework on the iPhone platform.

You were among an amazing number of users who provides invaluable input to the App. The App is now published to the Apple App Store.

You may download the latest using the App Store link.


As new releases are pushed, the App Store will notify you accordingly to update.

Best Regards,

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Finished my conversations today with One of Apples development teams SE I’ve been trying to get them to cough up some code used for Apple Pay that I could follow an try to RE…should have known better their wall is to high…but hey some day you never know… even Jericho had its day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Finding these great resources
Learning a lot here in this forum about bridging the gap between mobile technology networks and mainframe applications
Thanks amal your a great impetus