Hotel A- encyted cards

So - Is there an easy way to clone the hotel IC Type-A cards? I would be nice not to worry about worrying about losing your hotel card when your hand can open the door . . .
So far, I’ve found they all use Type-A but have some encyption.

You’re probably talking about ISO14443-A type high frequency cards? There is no “hotel type-a” technical specification… if you heard this somewhere in the hotel or access control industry, it sounds like some marketing people making up terms again :slight_smile:

Basically there are many types of ISO14443-A type chips that operate at 13.56mhz (HF for high frequency) and they range from insecure, broken or cracked security, and definitely secure chips.

A common type of hotel keycard is the legacy MIFARE S50 1k or 4k “classic” ISO14443-A type chip. This is a very old HF style chip and the security mechanism it uses (crypto-1) has been broken for a long time. The proxmark3 can crack these cards, get keys, and copy to a “magic mifare” style chip like what’s in our xM1 or xMagic or Magic Ring products.

If the cards are using DESFire EV style chips, then they are not crackable or clonable because the use standards based encryption algos like 3DES and AES.

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My guess is IC is Mifare Classic

As mentioned by Amal above

I see the frequently, especially when looking at chinese locks and cards.

In fact, it makes me happy, because I know it is compatiable.

Whenever I travel, that is one of the first things i’ll do.

  • Handed my room card
  • Out comes my phone or Flipper
  • TagInfo of NFC

Cross fingers a Mifare Classic

I would have high hopes for your “IC” card

I would use my phone with MCT and write to my FlexM1 gen2