House lock recommendation with RFID

Sorry if this has been asked a million times before. I couldn’t find anything.

I am really interested in getting an RF chip in my hand but the only thing I think I would be able to use it for at the moment is a door lock.

My door is a UPVC 5 point lever lock door, I hope that is enough descriptors.

What lock could I look at getting that would allow me to use the chip to open the lock?
I’ve seen the Yale one, but it looks like you have to buy access after a certain point?

Thank you.

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Also a new lock is coming on the market right now… At least one person tested it and says it works but still waiting on more information.
Facebook post about it:


That is brilliant. Thank you, I’ll take a look.

Wow those locks look cool. First one I’ve seen that is small enough to replace the old door lock in my condo without having to drill new cutouts.

Unfortunately, it appears they likely won’t work with the xNT. Here is an email I sent, along with the response:

I see that the Ultraloq Combo (and your other locks) support a 13.56 MHz key fob. Do these key fobs use a standard NFC chip? I’m looking for the ability to pair the lock with an existing NFC Type 2 NTAG216 device.

Ultraloq doesn’t support any third party fobs. you need to use Ultraloq Fob. Thank you.


Ultraloq Technical Support
U-tec Group Inc.
44292 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538

I’m hoping the service rep. might be wrong. I wasn’t able to find any specifications on the RFID capabilities of the lock, other than it uses 13.56 MHz. Perhaps the key fob’s include additional data in the NTAG records that could be cloneable. I did confirm (via their FAQ) that new key fobs can be purchased and enrolled via the smartphone app, so they must be using some kind standard.

the Facebook post author says the xNT worked.

This is a classic play from lock and access system makers… try to “lock” (pun!) the users into coming back to them to keep buying fobs and other replacement pieces. Some just use obscurity alone to do this, like Ultraloq, and hope people are too dumb or unwilling to try using alternative fobs, or they actually employ the security features of the chips themselves to enforce the techno-lock-in of their customers.


Good to know. When I saw the original post I went straight to the video, got excited, and emailed the company. I didn’t read up on the Facebook posts, but have since requested to join. I will be placing a pre-order shortly and will post an update once it arrives.

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It looks really good. I would get it if it fit euro style locks.

The CES Omega Flex barrel looks quite interesting as well, but I do think it looks a little conspicuous :thinking:

Thank you for all the responses.

Or you can make one yourself completely without modifying the door! Here’s mine, took about $50 in parts and a good few hours of programming.

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That’s great! For me though familial obligation requires a certain aesthetic to my solutions now. It’s one reason my family vehicle (a minivan) has not been upgraded yet… I am still thinking through the right approach to minimize visual impact :slight_smile:

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The following Reader/Keypad is a comes as a Stand Alone programmable access control system.
By default it reads both EM and HID Credentials and adding a credential is very easy with the swipe of
a master add card, swipe credential to be added then swipe master add card to end programing.

Has a built in relay that can be used to trigger a lock to open or any other device one would like to control.

keypad can also be used to enter a pin code for access as well.

A very nice device I though would be worth sharing.



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I think I found the link:

Not sure where it can be ordered from in single quantities though.


I believe I got mine from Alibaba.
Generally they will allow single purchase if you tell them you want to buy one
as a Sample to Test the product.

My concern with something like that is that someone could just expose the wires and “hot wire” it so they could gain entry.

I suppose with branded items that stuff is largely taken care of, but you’re limited to what you can do with their products and vice versa.

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This is true, however in my over 32 years of working in the Locksmithing Profession, Not once have I encountered it being done.

They do make the very same unit that is not a Stand Alone unit and wires to an Access Control Panel which totally eliminates this possibility. I use them so customers can issue Keyfobs or cards to their tenants and issue access codes to delivery drivers like UPS, USPS, Amazon.

Work very well for this purpose.


That is good to know. I suppose I am just worried about trading in security for something techy. I’m still quite interested in doing this though when I have more funds. Need to find more time to research.

My pre-ordered Ultraloq Combo has shipped and should arrive Wednesday. I’ll test it with my xNT, then hopefully install it in my door without having to drill anything. More info this weekend.

Haha what the hell… I googled Ultraloq and the fist thing to pop up is this video

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