How can I clone a legic prime tag?

Hello this is my second post here trying to clone and multiple personal cards for myself and one of the cards I came across read as a Legic Prime tag however when I googled it to research it basically nothing came up, im not sure if its because its rarely used or if its secure (Hopefully not) so I decided to make a post and ask.

The card is just a normal black card with nothing on it, I wanted to know if I could just dump and restore the data on the card to another card and if I could do that, what kind of card would I need?

Thank you in advance!

How are you scanning it? What is it used for? And can you post a dump of the info on the card? (removing anything private)

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I used a pm3 to detect the card type and its just my gym entry card and Iā€™m not sure how to save a dump of the file

in simple. you cant.
you can restore dumps of other tags to unlocked legic prime tags but it wont change the uid which is pretty much always required for authentication

How come theres like no posts on this type of tag ?

quite simply - popularity of the tag
I have never seen one.
Pretty much every tag i come across is a Mifare classic, Ultralight or desfire or clones of these

because this isnt an rfid hacking forum so attention is only placed on what people want to know/do and legic prime is not common in a lot of places so no one really interacts with it

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