How Can I: Remove xNT password?

I’ve got an xNT tag in my left hand, and during the course of playing with it, I borrowed a friend’s phone to test it out with. During that process, I set a password, and now I’d like it removed. Is there any way to do this?

The Dangerous Things app does not appear to offer that functionality, and I’d rather not shell out for a Proxmark III.

Would a PN532 like this one work to remove the password?

Thank you for your time and attention! :slight_smile:

If it can issue APDU commands then yes it should be able to reset the password to factory settings. There is no way to remove the password, just set it to factory default value of FF FF FF FF. Do you know what the password is or will you be guessing?

I’m not sure what that means or how to check, but I’ll do some research.

I do know the password, yes. And, to clarify, because it will be the factory default, I could use the Android app to set a different password?

Yes, because it will be factory default you could use another Android app to set a different password.