How close is too close for xG3s?

I need some opinions on how close I can install an xG3 v2 to my xG3 v1.
The v1 is pretty well centered in position 0 and i kinda want the new one in that area too so I’m considering my options besides removing the first one.

If I place the new one on the edge of position 0 opposite to the thumb, I can get it at ± 1.5 cm from the other one. Parallel to each other. Kinda like the two xseries on this one but towards position 1 rather than the thumb :

To me the best case scenario is they both stay put and I can stick larger things on both at the same time.

The worst case scenario is that they migrate and the tip of the V1 sticks to the center of the V2… Is that bad? The risk of pinching an nerve or a vein is minimal in p0…
I would have to be careful during healing and maybe hold them in place.

Also p1 is not available so my plan B is on the other side of the thumb or straight up replace the v1 and stick it somewhere else.

I did art

This is what I meant. Looks risky but I like the idea. I would get much more utility out of it.

Personally i think thats way too close to put two magnets. Have you considered your other hand, or maybe other positions on the back of the hand?

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Yeah, I want to keep all magnets on the right hand (just a preference) and the back of it is entirely taken by that ol donext. I’m left with knife edge which I’m not a fan of,
fingers which are too skinny and the thumb’s edge which I’m considering…

Oh, i didnt see a donext in that xray, and i saw something else in your knife edge already thats why i didnt suggest that. I have my xg3 in knife edge and I love it

Oh that’s not mine, it’s just to illustrate

Tell me more? Do you pick things up with it? I thought it would be awkward to stick small screws and stuff there

Yep, it can hold 1 or 2 heavy deck screws and won’t fall when moving my hand around, and can hold more smaller screws even easier.

Here’s it holding up my fidget toy as well to demonstrate it can hold fairly heavy weight. I’ve considered filling the vial with water to measure the exact weight it can carry but I’m lazy


I have a v1 in my right knife edge and it works well for sensing and picking up bottle caps, but mine seems a bit deeper than pac’s, so I’m jealous of the lifting you’ve got. Bottle cap is about max for my knife edge v1.

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That’s super strong! I’m not sure about the knife edge though. I have an appointment for the 24th so 3 more days to decide :crossed_fingers:

It’s a v2 I believe, that’s why it has more lifting power

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Can see the magnet in those pictures, even if I put another strong magnet to mine, you can just barely see it. Can’t feel my v1 when I palpate the area. My v2 in p1 definitely has more lifting strength too, but I’ve seen people lift heavier stuff with a v1 than I can with mine.

So I FINALLY got the xG3 v2 done after a few setbacks. So I thought I would conclude this topic.

Here is the final placement, at a “safe” distance from my v1…

They are close enough that I can stick something on both at the same time.
The v2 is slightly diagonal to the bone but not overlapping it so it’s fine an will probably settle parallel after some time.