How did you find out about Dangerous Things?

Since I saw this post 4 days ago, I’ve been trying to remember how I found DT.

I actually cannot remember but I think I saw some media of an xSIID and was like “that’s cool” and I searched “LED implant” and found the DT site. I browsed for a few minutes and closed it, but the seed was planted… That was nearly 2 years ago, now I have 3 RF tags and soon™ a magnet or two.


Many years ago in my early to mid 20s, I was fascinated by all manner of body modification (I still am). I during that time stumbled upon a post of a magnet implant. I thought that was awesome. I did nothing with that idea at the time, it just sat in the back of my brain and simmered. Fast forward a few years I look up magnet implants and boom Dangerous Things appeared.

And that is the story of how I found Dangerous Things.


After some rabbit hole chasing about the Peg-Leg project brought me here … :grin:


I found out about dangerous things many many years ago, and they were always sold out of everything :smiling_face_with_tear:( if I’m remembering correctly, it was initially just magnets ?!:magnet:) eventually I gave up and then I had it popping into my mind and I came back and they had what I wanted & more in stock, and since I had been previously trained as body modification artist I was able to install them everything myself and it’s been great! :blush:

My scarring is minimal, I only have mild discolouration on my injection spots. But the injection assemblies heal beautifully :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Found about it from YouTube. Was enthralled by the idea of cyborg upgrades to the human body, and the current steps towards that based on work on artificial limbs and assistive technologies. News around Cyberpunk was going around at the time so that had me more interested than usual. Had a video pop up in the recommended feed, and it was Amal’s TED talk all those years ago. Started watching a lot of videos he put out and he talked about DT a lot so jumped in here.


I came across Dangerous Things while looking for RFID implants… I had come across the idea a while back and one day decided to look into it… And I came across IAR at first but I kept looking for options and DT did a better job at gaining my trust.


I’m here because Deviant Ollam was on Modern Rogue, and the idea of an implant that opened doors stuck in my head and wouldn’t let go. Now I’m the proud host of an implant that opens doors, and… mildly regretting not getting one with NFC capability, too.


I have two… Soon to be three. I get the feeling it’s going to be slightly addictive.
Maybe get a NExT in your other hand? :slight_smile:

(I’m also an old girl who misses her Atari 800XL, by the way.)

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One guy who replied said he has 19 lmao, just don’t get too much OK? Personally, I don’t think most people need more than 4

“need” Who talked about need?! :crazy_face:


Why not? I want a full body replacement and you’re telling me not to get too many implants!?


It’s not like you hit a certain number of implants and something bad happens.




All of my HF & LF implants currently have a use, a door they open etc.

The other ones include LED only implants and an array of magnets.

I didn’t say anyone needed as many as I have but I like to have them and they work for me


Well, since it’s already derailed, I’m joining the Derail party

If I had to choose 4 and could not get anymore:-

  • ApexFlex OR FlexSecure ( digital security and identity in The most powerful of DT / VK implants )
  • FlexM1gen2 ( Convenient and super common compatibility with products )
  • FlexEM ( for almost every LF need maginable) ( I would actually get a custom work T5577 in a different form factor)
    FlexNT - My Best performer( Apex can handle NDEF )
  • Custom Payment ( None currently available to me, but I would wait)

That was WAY more difficult than I thought it would be.
I didn’t go for any xSeries, and I LOVE my xMagic,
I could have chosen NExT and xMagic, and thats 4 chips for the “price” of 2 choices.
I went for range and performance over maximum capability

I know others would want Blinky and / or Magnet-y, but neither are practical for me

Anyway, those are MY 4 derailment implants



I’d have to go:
NExTv2 (Someday I’d like to replace my xSIID+NExT with one)
Apex Flex
Custom Payment

In dreamland:
Apex Flex with payment enabled
N64 grade Titan (Despite being 6% stronger, I’d be thrilled if the next run was even N55)
Indestructible Tritium

Idk though, as time goes on I get less eager for payment. I always have my phone on me anyway.


While another implant is tempting, I’d be more likely to have my current one removed and replaced with an upgrade. The installation and early healing process were rough for me (small, delicate hands that do beefy manual labor every day), and there’s no way I’m going to take my dominant hand out of commission for the month it would need. I might play with those wee NFC stickers that fit on a fingernail, though, just to get a feel for what I’m missing.

(Huzzah for more middle-aged babes in this space!)


I wasn’t sold on magnets even when I implanted mine. I just thought it was cool and gimmicky and figured 6m down the road I’ll remove it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how useful it is with small screws and parts.

The best selling point I have right now is when I was changing out the batteries in a small kids toy, on carpet with less than ideal lighting and I lost the battery door screw. A simple pass with my hand found it instantly.

The three minutes it would have taken to find without a magnet doesn’t seem like a lot. But with a screaming toddler demon that’s about 7 hours in destroyed braincell time. Magnet implants are increasing my life expectancy.


It’s gonna be permament, I’m too scared of regret to do so myself but I definitely would lol, the only reason I told you that is cuz it’s expensive as fuck

That’s my magnet story too :+1:
After I put the first one in, I immediately got a second to match.

I like the forearm a lot, it’s not as nice to present to a reader, but perfectly fine for a phone … And being out of the hand it entirely avoid any potential issue.