How did you find out about Dangerous Things?

I heard of them a few times, but 2 days ago I wasn’t too lazy to do some research, and I did. Now I want to biohack myself, but I’m a teenager and understand why my parents don’t let me, so I’ll just be visiting the forum to be up to date with the new tech until I don’t need my parents’ consent to use it myself.


When I was 16 my online friend told me about his xnt and where he got it from, 5 years and 19 implants later I have made a career around the surrounding technologies lol


Hey, I am new to the dangerous things forum but not to this concept. Somewhere in the early 2000s, I heard about chipping yourself to pay, open doors, etc - and I thought I want that! But it was not quite there yet.
I have always been fascinated by man-machine stuff. Maybe it was all those six million-dollar man reruns :rofl:.

And unless I fail at websurfing Dangerous Things is mostly the only realistic option in the US. And I especially like the fact that so much of this is technical and not consumer-level yet. Just like computer technology in the 80s, you had to know what you were doing and it was a pretty small club…


If you had told me two years ago that I’d have a Titan and an Apex Flex in my possession and that I was planning to have them installed at the and of the month, I’d say “what’re those” and “nah” respectively. :wink:

I got into all this in a weird, roundabout way. Sometime last year I saw a (somewhat sensationalized) video on YouTube about products that were available to purchase, but that could possibly be banned at some point. The one that resonated with me was the Flipper Zero. All the random things it could do and the worlds it could open up, all in a convenient portable package. So I ordered one. I also got a diagnostic card from DT at some point.

Sometime around then and for reasons that I don’t recall, I became aware of the concept of magnetic implants. Whether that led me directly to DT or if I learned more first, I don’t recall, but the prospect fascinated me. I did a whole lot of reading and learned what to expect and what was unrealistic. I was mostly interested in sensing rather than lifting, so naturally the Titan became my pipe dream.

As I explored with my Flipper and learned more about rfid, I realized that (surprise!) many of the DT implants were based on that technology. My workplace also got us some new badges, which I quickly learned incorporated a LF chip. At this point, my thoughts were “I’ll get a NExT for the ease of install, and if that goes well then I’ll save up for a Titan someday.”

I eventually heard that the Titan supply was running low, and that manufacturing additional ones was going to take some jumping through hoops. I wanted the best magnetic sensing possible and I knew for sure that I’d never be able to withstand getting an xG3 in my finger, so when an opportunity presented itself for me to secure a Titan, I took it. My thought then was “I’m a little nervous about the Titan install, but I’m committed now so it’ll be worth it. I’ll get a NExT as well if they go on sale for the holidays, and if both of those go well then maybe I’ll get an Apex Flex someday.”

Well the holidays rolled around, and the NExT didn’t go on sale. The Apex Flex did, and it was no small discount. At this point I was really getting interested in what the Flex could do, so I decided to save my future self some cash and get one.

It’s like Amal has said, it all sounds kind of crazy until you learn about how it can be useful (or even just interesting) to have.


Oddly enough, I was actually looking for cyborg artwork on line. I came across the Cyborg Foundation and I was fascinated. I deeply believe that cybernetic upgradability is the future of humanity, so I went down the rabbit hole. It wasn’t long before I found DT and knew I had to jump in. A couple of months later I had 2 implants in me, and they have dramatically improved the quality of my life! I’m planning to get a magnet shortly, and I want a payment implant as soon as that becomes more viable.
I’m so excited to be a part of this world.


Good that you counted the implants XD

And you just get used to having it, not speaking from experience

I think that some of the DT implants have payment functions, so you can find one and maybe get it : D

Not as such. There are conversion services, and I have high hopes for a current tech that some people are playing with, but there isn’t anything “official” yet.

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Since I saw this post 4 days ago, I’ve been trying to remember how I found DT.

I actually cannot remember but I think I saw some media of an xSIID and was like “that’s cool” and I searched “LED implant” and found the DT site. I browsed for a few minutes and closed it, but the seed was planted… That was nearly 2 years ago, now I have 3 RF tags and soon™ a magnet or two.


Many years ago in my early to mid 20s, I was fascinated by all manner of body modification (I still am). I during that time stumbled upon a post of a magnet implant. I thought that was awesome. I did nothing with that idea at the time, it just sat in the back of my brain and simmered. Fast forward a few years I look up magnet implants and boom Dangerous Things appeared.

And that is the story of how I found Dangerous Things.


After some rabbit hole chasing about the Peg-Leg project brought me here … :grin:

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I found out about dangerous things many many years ago, and they were always sold out of everything :smiling_face_with_tear:( if I’m remembering correctly, it was initially just magnets ?!:magnet:) eventually I gave up and then I had it popping into my mind and I came back and they had what I wanted & more in stock, and since I had been previously trained as body modification artist I was able to install them everything myself and it’s been great! :blush:

My scarring is minimal, I only have mild discolouration on my injection spots. But the injection assemblies heal beautifully :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Found about it from YouTube. Was enthralled by the idea of cyborg upgrades to the human body, and the current steps towards that based on work on artificial limbs and assistive technologies. News around Cyberpunk was going around at the time so that had me more interested than usual. Had a video pop up in the recommended feed, and it was Amal’s TED talk all those years ago. Started watching a lot of videos he put out and he talked about DT a lot so jumped in here.


I came across Dangerous Things while looking for RFID implants… I had come across the idea a while back and one day decided to look into it… And I came across IAR at first but I kept looking for options and DT did a better job at gaining my trust.


I’m here because Deviant Ollam was on Modern Rogue, and the idea of an implant that opened doors stuck in my head and wouldn’t let go. Now I’m the proud host of an implant that opens doors, and… mildly regretting not getting one with NFC capability, too.


I have two… Soon to be three. I get the feeling it’s going to be slightly addictive.
Maybe get a NExT in your other hand? :slight_smile:

(I’m also an old girl who misses her Atari 800XL, by the way.)

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One guy who replied said he has 19 lmao, just don’t get too much OK? Personally, I don’t think most people need more than 4

“need” Who talked about need?! :crazy_face:


Why not? I want a full body replacement and you’re telling me not to get too many implants!?