How do 2 separate implants get installed in one hand

I’m going to be going to several peircing shops soon. I have read the guide and have looked at the professional installation documents. My question is… How do I explain how 2 implants 5mm or more apart should be installed. Do they have separate imsertion holes and should they be installed at any particular side of the centre point . Also any instructions on installing into the blade of a hand?

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Pretty Much just like that, " Could you please install these 2 implants 5mm or more apart safely in my hand where my anatomy will allow "

Yes, idealy you want them to have their own “tunnel” to sit in, also you will wan’t to firmly tape down some splints to keep them in place ( Sing out if you need more info around this )

If you are talking about the Usual spot aka thumb webbing aka Thenar aka Position #0 it will come down to your own anatomy.

Here is MY theory to place evenly either side of centreline

I would suggest you measure from the edge of the second metacarpal ( Pointer ) toward the first metacarpal ( Thumb ) to where you deem YOUR anatomy would limit placement.
approximately 25mm.
If 25mm was the figure you were looking at, you could place your 1st implant @ 8.3mm from the 2nd Metacarpal and your 2nd Implant @ 16.6mm from the 2nd Metacarpal.
If your measurement was 20mm you could place your 1st implant @ 6.6mm from the 2nd Metacarpal and your 2nd Implant @ 13.3mm from the 2nd Metacarpal.
Remember, this is where you want your implants to end up, so plan for this from your insertion points

This is a mathematical approach, but realistically a professional piercer, given the information and requirements >5mm etc. will be better at finding a suitable location for YOUR anatomy, but this theory should be a good starting point

The forum is pretty light on this information, So before answering this;
Is this for an xSeries?
A flex with Flex Needle install?
A Flex with scalpel install?


Thank you for all of this information. It is very helpful and makes alot more sense now :grin: I’m Thinking the blade for an xSIID

What stint ideas do people have? I’ve heard a match stick can be used to hold in place but would I use a matchstick to separate the two implants as well?

Thank you

The easiest way to describe it would be the same procedure carried out twice with the resting points for the device 5mm apart.

I should have thought of that :smiley:

I would; anything you can do to get them to stay in place, the better, so with this, goes prenatal vitamins, minimizing arduous physical activity etc

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I’d love some feedback from people that have put a chip here as well! Or a flex… I’m debating whether to use this spot my next implant, or switch to my other hand where there’s a lot more free real estate.

I plan to try your measuring stuff out later. If all goes well, mine should be in tomorrow night.

I hope I don’t wuss out of spot L6, as I fear that one will hurt.

I will start a new theead for it, as I feel I have been hijacking peoples recently.



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Yeah that’s what I meant haha, that would be some big hands.

Would they both be parallel to the index metacarpal? Or would one be askew, parallel with the thumb metacarpal?

parallel with the thumb metacarpal is the recommended install

Thanks for the reply! I haven’t seen that recommended, but I haven’t really been able to make heads or tails of the double L/R0 from my digging here. To confirm, one is parallel to index metacarpal, the other to the thumb metacarpal?

I would be doing both installs 5mm apart ( ideally I would install 1 wait for healing then the other yo mitigate some migration risk) but both would be parallel to the thumb metacarple.