How do I change text displayed with KBR1 using Proxmark?

So I realize this is probably quite a dumb question but I couldn’t find a straight answer elsewhere. I just wanna know how do I change the ID displayed when I bring my xSIID or NExtT close to my KBR1. I’ve read it’s simply displaying the NFC ID so I assume it would be easy enough to do with only the proxmark. Thank you guys for the help pre-emptively

Put simply, you can’t. There are some types of chips that you can change the ID number on like the xM1 but neither of the two you mentioned can be changed as far as what the KBR1 will read. The low frequency side of the NExT can be changed but the KBR1 is a high frequency reader.

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Ahhh that’s kind of unfortunate since I was planning on using it as a password system. I guess I’ll just have to find another way then. Not like anyone knows the codes on there anyway so I can still possibly use it for that. Thank you for the help

You’re welcome, something that works for me since I have to change my password regularly is I use the chip scan like a signature typing the card number as the last part of a password. Then every time I have to change it, it’s only the first part that changes.

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Oh I see. So for passwords you type 1234 (for example) then scan the chip. That makes a lot of sense actually

Yep, in that way my password becomes something I know (the typed out base) and something I have (the chip ID) (or am depending on your perspective).

Yeah I’ll probably end up doing that then. Seems quite safe and you can have a lot of different complicated passwords while only having to remember a pin essentially