How do i clone a pac to a paradox t55xx?

hi everyone

I am having great difficulty cloning my flat key fob

i have purchased an identical fob however they are different

The fob i need to clone is a pac/stanley and the new fob is a paradox, both are t55xx

any help will be great

i am using pm3

I don’t know much about Paradox, but there is a user in the BioHackers discord @kitsunehunter that knows lots about it.

Since both are t5577 then it’s just a matter of data format.

Easiest way to clone a t5577 to another t5577 is to use the dump and recovery commands. It will just make a flat copy of the entire t5577 to another t5577.

lf t5577 dump

lf t5577 recover (or recovery i don’t remember)


Pretty close

Such a great fucken tool @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha