How do I get my reader software to parse the UID of a XNTI out of the box?

We have an XNTI out of the box and implanted in a user. I’m guessing that the default programmer will register on a RFID reader if the software is configured with a format that will parse and identify the UID?

What format is the the XNTI out of the box?

Hi there,

There is no software on the xNT per se… it does have some simple internal software for managing user memory, serving up data requested via READ command, and storing data sent via WRITE command… but the software on the xNT is not anything that can be changed or even really accessed, it’s laser-burned into the silicon during manufacture. For all intents and purposes, the xNT’s user memory is just a blank slate you can write and read data to/from.

The UID (serial number) is a read-only binary value just like any other digital data. The reader will receive this UID and present it in whatever format it sees fit… decimal, hexadecimal, spelled out in an alien language… not really sure how it will be presented… it all depends on the reader and/or software doing the presenting or parsing or identifying.

What are you trying to do with it?

Thank you so much for replying!

Its a card access door system. We are using an HID multiCLASS SE dual frequency reader. ( The reader registers the presence of the Dangerous Things chip, but our system(software) does not log the read. We believe its because the software (Continental Access) it getting a string formatted in a way it does not expect.

Does your HID system normally log unknown card reads correctly?

Oh, also, chances are you could use the xEM in HID mode with the HID multiCLASS system… though you’d have to put it into HID prox mode before it would work. To do that you’d need to clone an HID ProxCard II to the xEM or use a Proxmark3 or other programmer to create an arbitrary HID prox ID and write that to the xEM.

No. If the card access software sees a string length it does not expect, then it will not read correctly. We need to define a badge format and indicate where the UID would be in the read string.

The term “read” is too broad here… for example, what it sounds like to me is that the “reader” is “reading” the tag, and reporting that data to the backend system, where it is ignored and not logged… which is a mistake on the part of the software makers. Unrecognized or not, as a member of a security team, I’d want to know if anything was interacting with my readers, recognized or not.

So yeah, try to confirm if your HID system can read ProxCard II cards, then try to clone one to your xEM. It should work then.