How do I program my implant to act as a work badge?


I am the new guy.

While I am reasonably technically savvy, I am new to RF-ID tech.
I would like to duplicate my work RF-ID badge. Where to begin ? Do I need to get a reader / writer ? read my card, then write to my implant ? What can I do to be sure everything is compatible prior to purchasing and implanting ?
My card manufacturer is HID. That is all I know ( from looking at the back of the card.)


Damn, for some reason I can never find the FAQ’s on :frowning:

It’s in there somewhere but here’s the Cliff notes. 1. Figure out what type and frequency of the card your work uses. Can you read it with your phone? 2: Figure out how to clone the card to an appropriate implant chip. 3: Also from the FAQ’s, you may be better off getting a compatible implant and approaching your IT/security department and convincing them into adding your implant ID to their system rather than cloning their card into you.

All FAQs have been moved to this forum under their own category!

But yeah, spot on with the rest of your post.

I purchased a proxmark3 reader. I read my work badge which is a HID LF.
The tag is:

HID Prox TAG ID: xxxxxxxxxx (12679) - Format Len: 35bit - FC: 84 - Card: 209287
(I obviscated the actual tag number).
The problem is the 35 Bit. Can I program the implant LF tag with a 35 bit number ?
I still have some learning to do here. But I thought I would pose the question.

No I am not rich and anxious to spend money. I bought the procMark3 as part of a work project. Learning the details of RFID a is a side research project at work …

@jvanhook yes you can clone an HID Prox to a T5577 based LF tag like our xEM with the proxmark3. GIYF!