How do I receive a Microchip?

Hello, I was referred this website from a old article from 2013 on the improvements that microchips can have on banking, travel, identification as well as safety whereabouts of missing persons. I was wonder how much they cost here in the USA and how I would be able to pay and receive one for myself and one each for both of my children. I promise I am not some conspiracy theorist. The only theory I believe in is a world that is more accessible and makes sense. I hate having to deal with the bank identifications, paying bill identifications or even having to bring several things of proof to my local dmv. I rather make life smarter not harder.
If no one can answer me that’s fine. I will continue to look things up for myself. Thank you in advance.


There are many use cases for chips, but not all use cases are currently available in the US and you may need multiple chips to meet all of your use cases.

So, what exactly do you want to use a “chip” for.

As for purchase once you decide on your use case(s) people can suggest options purchasable directly from Dangerous Things


Current chips have virtually no use in the US for banking, travel, paying bills or (official) identification.

There are no chips that will allow you to locate someone. They are not tracking devices in the Hollywood sense that you can use them to locate someone. Implanting your kids would be ill advised and has (IMO) ethical implications.

The available chips are similar to the chip you put in a pet. You can’t locate the pet with it, but if someone finds the pet, the chip can be used to identify the owner. Doesn’t really work for humans as no standard has been established for scanning lost humans like it has been for lost pets. Even if you implanted your kids with a chip that held your contact info, no one would know to scan them.

The most common (but not only) use case for most chips is access control. As in you can use them to unlock doors. In some cases they can be used to replace a school or work badge that allows you unlock a door or, say, use the copy machine.

There are some payment options (mostly outside the US) allowing you to implant chips from standard credit cards and other credit card form factors. It’s still very early in development.


There are payment conversions for the PureWrist payment chips within the US.

Other than that you are right.


Those expire, right?
Edit: meant to hit reply on @Zwack 's post about purewrist

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Yeah, they do.

I have the equivalent and I still nearly 2 years of use left in mine…It really doesn’t bother me.
When it expires, I will get another one. I have had SOOO Much use from it in over a year, it is worth it.
For me there is no point waiting for what is just around the corner

See my similar reply post below


This is straight from amals tweet no? Very weird wording.

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Just in case you’re not a troll. Don’t chip your children. Get them a ring or bracelet.


Thank you for responding. I would like to microchip for identification mostly. So I do not have to use a passport or identification card or birth certificate etc.

I didn’t know there were rings or bracelets! I will have to look into them! Thank you!

Sorry, I don’t use Twitter. I do not know of what your responding. If I word things differently, I am sorry. Like I said, I am a mother of two and I am sure if you ever met a mom you would know our focus is at 50% most of the time.:rofl::raised_hands:

Thank you for your response! I didn’t know they had expiration dates but it totally makes sense! I wouldn’t regret getting it replaced every so often as well. I really feel I will learn to love chips!

Omg so much information! Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I already kind of expected the US to be a bit backwards due to the continuously ridiculous politics and conspiracy. Lmao I do hope that more can get behind the science of them so they can progress and not just be a “beginning stage” type of deal for long. I would absolutely love to see them work more efficiently for identifying and locating. Sorry if it seams like I am rambling. I am a bit exhausted. Haha

Correction: don’t chip your children unless they are old enough and decided they want to get an implant

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Define “old enough”…

Case in point: my dad desperately wanted me to learn the piano. I suspect he regretted he hadn’t learned and projected his desire unto me. But anyway… When I turned 7, he asked me “Would you like to learn the piano? I’ll buy you a piano if you want to.” 7-year-old me thought it would be cool, and said “Sure, why not!”

Net result: I had to suffer years of theory and practice, and I literally can’t stand hearing the fucking instrument to this day. Whenever I told my dad I didn’t like it and I’d like to stop, he would always say “You wanted it and the piano set me back 2 grand. So you ain’t giving up so easily.”

The moral of the story is: don’t chip your children period. Let them do it themselves after they turn 18, because they might not know what they want themselves. If they end up regretting it, they’ll only have themselves to blame and not you.


Makes sense. I was just saying that as a person younger than 18 it seems a little harsh to just cut it off at “no”.

Also I didn’t know how to say it but I more meant like wait until they are at an age they are mature enough/wait for them to bring it up, not just ask a 5 year old “you want to be a cyborg? ok sure” and project the idea on them.

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I know what you meant. But I was speaking as an adult, advising other adults not to propose stuff to their children that they might end up reproaching them later in life. You never know: they might turn into raging Christians and cutting off relationship with their parents altogether for forcing the mark of the Beast unto them or some other stupidity. Okay that was a little extreme an example, but you get my drift :slight_smile:

Safest bet is, let them decide for themselves when they’re legally allowed to. Same as earrings or circumcision.

Yeah I get what you’re saying I just meant like if a 15 year old kid asks if they can get one that isn’t like a parent giving one to a 7 year old without properly informed consent.

Yeah clearly not the same thing. Yet for teens, it really depends on the teen. I wanted pretty dumb shit when I was 15. I clearly wasn’t very mature. One might wonder if I ever got better in fact… Other teenagers are more mature than their age would suggest. Not everybody is the same. Still, for parents, it should be a well thought of decision.