How do I write the URL inside the NExT implant

How do I write the url inside the NExT implant. Please provide a link for instructions or a video on how to do this.

You can use the NXP TagWriter or NFC Tools app on your phone. Has an option to write URLs.

I want to write the URL inside NExT so that someone else’s NFC phone can read the URL

If you download TagWriter or NFC Tools on your phone, there’s an option to write a URL, all you need to do is paste the URL in the text field and then scan your implant. Then when someone scans your implant, it’ll open the URL.


Thanks I will try. It just seemed to me that such a recording on the implant should be carried out in the Proxmark3 environment.

You can use the Proxmark3, I think the app is easier and faster though.


Sometimes, it doesn’t always need to be difficult :wink:


I did a thing



I have 2 FlexMT that are fully programmed with different cards.
Suppose I add a link with a reference using NFC Tools.
Has the original data of my various badge cards been overwritten?

For some reason, it seems the “best” way, is to write your NUID First, then the NDEF data, the other way around seems to fuck shit up.

I would suggest you take a copy of your data, the do a practice write on a test card first.

Remember, not all phones will recognise the NDEF data on a Magic Mifare card.

Anyway, that’s my experience. Hope that helps

It really depends if the badge or whatever you copied is using memory sectors other than 0 to store the ID. Many access controllers for example only care about the ID so you can easily add NFC data to the other sectors. Of course this is not standard NFC data This is NXP only pseudo standard NFC formatted data, but yes we will just say it’s NFC data. Basically NXP created a fake NFC standard for Mifare Classic memory structures, so if your badge or card or whatever you copied makes use of the MAD in sector 0 and / or other memory blocks in other sectors then writing NFC data will definitely overwrite that and stop the chip from working with whatever system you copy the original source tag for.