How far have you taken identifying as a cyborg?

Just curious,

How far have you taken identifying as a cyborg now that you are augmented?

Just a casual joke? A serious identity for you?

Have you tried/filled out paperwork stating cyborg instead of _____ ?


Not far. Too me it’s a part of the human condition. It doesn’t replace it.

For ex. I am human. I am male. I am tall. I am curious. I am a cyborg. None of these cancels the other. I am human and I am cyborg too.

@Eriequiet, you might like this, it’s a way of defining your cyborginess that I discussed in another thread.

How many are "One of Us"?


I don’t think I’ve ever unironically called myself a cyborg. That being said I don’t think it’s inherently bad or anything for someone to do so since it’s technically true but as others have said I’m a human and I’m a cyborg they don’t really cancel each other out. :joy: but for jokes I call myself that all the time

Being a cyborg is mostly a novelty in my mind at my current state, maybe after nueralink takes off that’ll change


Has anybody been prevented entering :no_entry_sign: a web-page because of this?



** Sigh **

It’s been talked about before, so I’m not going to bang on about it again [EDIT: yet I done did it. Sorry…]. But really…

If you have an RFID implant, you’re not a cyborg. You’re not even an augmented human: your body is not stronger, faster, better, more aware, more connected than what it used to be. You just happen to wear contactless electronic credentials in a very intimate pocket. Your only “augmentation” is the ability to never lose your keys.

Those of use with magnets have an extra sense, or the ability to manipulate small objects not available to un-magnetized humans. So they do qualify as augmented humans. Perhaps even cyborgs, depending on your understanding of the word. The definition is easily flexible enough to cover someone with extra senses and the ability to pick up paperclips.

That’s a bona fide cyborg:
image image

That isn’t:
image image

Ultimately, it’s your choice to identify yourself as a cyborg or not. But if you only have RFID implants, you’ll look as silly as a kid who believes he has superpowers and goes around wearing a Superman costume.

No person I’ve ever met whom I showed or explained my RFID implants to has ever hinted that I might be augmented, or “cyborgized” in any way. Literally nobody outside of our little group gets this idea spontaneously.

Me, I wish RFID implant wearers quit spreading that nonsense around them, because I don’t want to be identified with a community of childish delusional wannabes. Fortunately, there are so few of us that that notion isn’t likely to spread farther than the immediate social surroundings of the individual faux-cyborgs.

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Ummmm? :arrow_double_up: :confused:

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking too actually: I didn’t want to bang on about it, yet I did :slight_smile:

Okay then, I’ll make good on the promise and refrain from whining again in this thread :slight_smile:


Well yeah, gotta leave options open :slight_smile:

So I just need some sensing magnets is what your saying… got it no need to read further

Lol I’m just curious, there are always those that take things to the extremes

Ala Flying Spaghetti Monster

@anon3825968 if you you feel so strongly about it you should take Amal’s survey :wink:

I have to admit, that one grinds my gears a bit.

Just trying to give you an outlet to reprevent

I would argue I am.

You augmented your work abilities by having chips put in to make your work easier no?

You are also human @anon3825968.

I would say you are an augmented human.

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I don’t fish my cards out of my pocket - or forget them at home. It’s convenient, is all. I get the exact same benefits as wearing RFID bracelets. By that token, anyone wearing wearables - including wristwatches, glasses, or hell, even clothes - would be an augmented human being. And they’re not. Or rather, they are, but nobody calls them that.

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I would argue that by definition, anyone with implantable technology, such as a magnet or chip, is technically a cyborg. You can argue that they aren’t much of one, but they have technically had their “physical abilities extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body.”

I also consider the ability to receive and transmit wireless data from your body a heck of an augmentation

I got a knee prosthesis 30 years before geting my first RFID implant. Have I been a cyborg for so long without knowing it? :slight_smile:

You sure have!

Hot damn. Whodathunk it eh?

Problem is, you may be right, but most everybody else doesn’t see it that way.