How hard is it to brick the xNT?

Long story short, I’m trying to write arbitrary data to the usable space (886 bytes) in my xNT implant. I’m worried that fucking around with writing to it may brick it if I write to the wrong block/sector. If I’ve ran the Dangerous NFC app, is it still possible to somehow accidentally fuck the whole thing by overwriting or writing incorrectly? Are there any decent technical details I can read up on how to properly write to the usable sectors of the tag? My end goal is to essentially be able to store some (very small) files on the device and extract it later with an application I’m developing.

If you run the app you should be okay, it locks the config bits.

Here is the datasheet for the NTAG216:

There’s some useful bits about the memory structure and other things in there. I’ve also seen a bunch of YouTube videos about how to write to the NTAG216 safely and repeatably.

The Dangerous NFC app should be used to disable the lock bytes, set a non-default password, and password protect the config pages while leaving user memory writable.

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