How long after injection can I...?

Okay, I probably know the answer to this one. But being an impatient jackass, I figured I’d ask anyway.

I got my xBT implanted yesterday at 4pm. Today I’m literally dying to go for a swim. And then I’m dying to go for a sauna. And tomorrow morning, the weather lets up a bit and I’m dying to cycle to work. If I do all that, I’ll go into the pool and into the sauna less than 24 hrs after the injection, and I’ll sweat heavily on the bike for one hour 36 hrs later (followed by a hot shower obviously).

Common sense tells me it’s stupid and that I should stay put for one more day. Or should I? I already know the injection site is all good to go without a bandaid 48 hours later if the injection went well. But maybe I can push my luck a bit? :slight_smile:

I would wait a couple days before swimming unless you can completely bandage and waterproof the bandage. Not because the hand isn’t fully healed but because the wound itself is a risk for catching something.

Same reason you shouldn’t swim with any open wound.

My hand fully healed after three days so I waited 5 before doing anything that could reopen the wound or mess with inside.

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Well, the voice of reason in me prevailed :slight_smile: I’m staying put. I’ll cycle to work on Tuesday morning, and wait a bit more for the swimming pool.


Meh… honestly it’s probably not going to be an issue… you’re not swimming in raw sewage are you? If it were in the hand, I might suggest waiting a bit before strenuous activity because it would probably cause the chip to rotate or move due to muscle activity under it… but the pool is chlorinated and the sauna is followed by a shower… at this point the incision should be like any scratch you’d get… so if you’d wait to take a swim if you got a big scratch the previous day, then do the same.

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After working for a pool company (doing ekectronics for them) I just wanna say that chlorinated pools, especially public ones, are teeming with bacteria. That chlorine smell only comes after it kills bacteria. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: They’re pretty gross.

But yeah, considering it’s not an open/gaping wound, Amal’s advice is good :ok_hand:t2:

I regard swimming pools are essentially gross. The chlorine in it is proof: if the water was clean, it wouldn’t be needed.

It’s just that an implant is essentially just an oversized flu shot, and nobody waits 48 hours to go swimming after a flu shot. Still, better safe than sorry. It’ll only cost me 24 hours of waiting. As for going to work by bike, it’s -13C outside right now, so I kind of needed an excuse not to cycle anyway :slight_smile:

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-13°C is gorgeous. Perfect bike weather so long as there’s no wind :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s why I only swim in pools so heavy with chlorine smell that my eyes start bleeding… but hey, we havin fun right!