How long before you can read the implant?


I implanted it in my right hand, in the webbing between my thumb and index finger, just like in most of the videos I’ve seen. Its fine now. When I was implanting the chip, my German Shepherd named Sammy was observing me and accidentally sneezed all over my stuff, that rascal! I think this caused an infection of some sort, but it is all cleared up now. The only thing left is a small bit of very light bruising where the implant is, and the injection site and another hole that I made by accident. I was using a clothes pin to pinch the skin, as shown in this video:, and the needle ran into the wood of the clothes pin. This caused another hole in my skin. Anyway, I removed the pin and was able to pull the needle back a bit and complete the installation. Now I just need to order the RFID key-less entry system for my home and a reader for my computer from Amazon.

Thanks so much for your help!


To Add my experience. I could not read the tag for a good three days, after which I found it a little difficult to find the ideal spot. It is important to understand those different readers have different ‘sweet spots’ you should use the XLED or the diagnostic tool to try to get the correct positioning. Alternatively, some phones produce a sound while reading that will show the best location.

Often the best place is to the side of the readers Antenna and NOT in the centre where the Phones RFID logo is.


Has anyone else been able to successfully verify if a Samsung galaxy s7edge is compatible?
Have implant and alma patch but don’t want to do it if my phone won’t work.


I have the S7 (not edge) and it works fine. I assume it’s very similar to the edge as far as NFC performance goes. No phone is amazing at reading our xNT, but probably the best phone I’ve used was the HTC One.


I could read mine after few hours that I took the wound dressing off ( not recommended at all )

It really depends if the implant might cause your skin to temporarily swollen, something that might increase the range of the coil…

There is a good app called NFC Ring Control that will allow you to scan a tag and it will show you the hotspot of your phone… ( pretty good actually! )


I found with the S6 that I have to have the chip north south / top to bottom of the phone, won’t work east West. Maybe the S7 is the same?