How long before you can read the implant?

So I just got my implant today, How long before I should be able to read the implant. from my understanding, the swelling can sometimes prevent the reading, not sure though. out of curiosity, I already tried to read the implant with my phone using the TagWriter Android app, but no success yet…

Mine was instant, try googling your phone model and figure out where the NFC antenna is.
For mine it was on the battery, if that doesn’t work, check to see that you didn’t replace your battery with a battery that didn’t have an NFC antenna in it.

Samsung S7 Edge…

Swelling and blood pooling around the implant will affect readability, and unfortunately everyone is a unique little snowflake when it comes to installation recovery.

However, most people that have read issues shortly after installation can begin getting consistent reads after about 24-48 hours. If you are trying to read through bandaging, that can also have a huge impact on readability. Some bandages also have silver particles in them to help healing, which acts like a tin foil hat for your implant.

Definitely go to the product page and expand the “read range / performance” section and watch the video. Tag orientation matters… a lot. I have no problem scanning my xNT with my Samsung S7 and I don’t expect the edge to be much different… but I’ve learned how to get good reads with my phone, so I think it will come down to healing up and learning to orient your tag properly before you’ll get good reads.

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FYI the video is here;

ok, so it has been around 45 days from when the implant was done. I have a verified working Samsung S7 Edge (I have other NTAG216 tags) and they work find with phone, I also have an ACR122U NFC Reader/writer which also reads the tags perfectly from about an inch away.

Yet, I still can’t read the implanted tag, nor can I seam to verifiably fined the tag under my skin. I am pretty sure I know where it is, but can only be in so many places as it was implanted in the suggested area between thumb and fore finger.

Now what?? Why can’t I read the tag?? I have meaty hands, and some what thick skin, but if my reader can read the tags from an inch, i would think i should be able to read it if it’s just under the skin…

Hmm ok. A couple questions;

  1. can you feel the implant under your skin? like, if you take your index finger from your opposite hand and poke around, can you find it? can you tell what orientation it is in?

  2. what exact tag did you get? can you post the link or order number?

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Order # 9053 xNTi x2

I can comparing against my other hand, and to me it seams like it is sitting perpendicular to my index finger, up against the meet of my palm.

I can’t feel the implant, but it does feel like the implant encapsulated in flesh (guessing) my other hand does not have the same buldge.

Hmm ok, so one of your xNTs works but the other is having a hard time reading? If it is deep enough that you can’t feel it, that may be a problem. The ACR122U might be able to read it while that deep, but many phones may have a hard time.

You said it was “against the meat of your palm”… the palm side of your hand is a concern… it should not be anywhere near that side of your hand. The xNT should be parallel to the skin’s surface on the top of your hand, but it sounds like maybe it was injected “down into” your hand? is that correct?

I only had one implanted initially to test. so just the one… :frowning: what I mean by meat of my hand is the meaty part of the web of skin between my thumb and index finger. it wasn’t really injected down, the needle went straight in. Honestly, I can’t even get the ACR122U to read it, which kind of concerns me.

It doesn’t hurt, and isn’t touching any bone, so that is good.

I have never been able to read it with my Samsung S7 edge, but I have been able to read it with my nexus 5 like a week after it was inserted. but not since.

Hmm, well if you did get a good read from it once, then it is very unlikely that it has stopped working since… there may just be additional difficulty getting a good read with the antenna orientation. I would suggest getting an xLED to test your phone and ACR122U to see exactly what location and rotation you should be trying.

xLED? is that the little card with the implant thing that looks like the xNT?

Yeah, though it’s not for implanting. The xLED is very similar to our RFID Diagnostic Card but it’s inductor (antenna) design is exactly the same as our x-series implantable transponders. The difference is that the geometry of the inductor allows you to test readers for the best location and rotation to place an x-series implant up to the reader… the diag card can only tell you frequency because the inductor shape is not the same as an x-series implant. Be sure to get the 13.56MHz version if you do get one :slight_smile:

yeah, I got one with my implants, and I have been messing with it all days with no success. not sure what I need to do… :frowning:

Hmm ok. When you say “no success” do you mean that the xLED will not light up when used with your phone? Is there a protective case on your phone? Sometimes those cases can block or inhibit the NFC signal just enough to cause problems with small x-series tags.

no, I can easily see the reader is working, I just can read the tag in my hand. The xLED works fine and lights up as expected

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Ah ok I understand.

I can’t feel the implant, but it does feel like the implant encapsulated in flesh (guessing) my other hand does not have the same buldge.

I think the issue is that it may be too deep. The capsule is easily detectable as a clearly hard thin tube under the skin. Even after encapsulated, the fibrin tissue encapsulating it is very thin and does not really alter how the glass tube feels when probing it with your finger.

Who performed the installation?


Myself unfortunately… :frowning: I would still think it should be reachable with the ACR122U as i reads NFC from about an inch away, but nope… I may have to build one I guess


I still can’t read mine either, and my swelling has not gone away. It’s been a week and the palm of my right hand is painful, such that I can hardly use a computer mouse. How long should it be till the swelling goes away?

Where did you implant the chip? It should be readable right away, just not as well as after the swelling goes down.

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