How long does it take for the shipment to arrive here?

My brother will stay at this address for 1 week. they did not accept us to send the product to the address before it arrives. How long will it take you to ship the product to this address? Hoboken, NJ 07030, ABD

We typically ship out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To send to NJ could take a maximum of 5 days but 4 days is more typical.

Have you ordered already or are you considering ordering?

I will order 2 days before it will be at the address on September 11th. Thank you very much for your reply.

Historically shipments arrive pretty quick from Dangerous things, however there was an incident a few years back when things delivered by air on Sept 11, didnt reach their intended destination.



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I ordered from los angels. I bought it with the UPS option. I would be very happy if you could send it on Friday. Thank you very much for your attention. if you want I can give you the order number.

Your better bet to contact Amal for things like that is through the Web Page Help function.

Really easy to use
Logs a ticket
Easy to find, bottom right
Looks like this

We actually don’t offer ups… only USPS (is postal service). Orders are shipped tomorrow so you should have it in LA by Monday or Tuesday at the latest.