How long does it usually take to get the tracking number?

I know its not very long but i have been waiting for a few day’s for an email with a tracking number. I haven’t gotten one so im a little worried.

It took about 3 days for my first order to go from confirmation email to getting the tracking number. If you’ve gotten the confirmation email/receipt, then I would suspect it’ll be along shortly

If you haven’t received any information at all (and have checked your spam folder :slight_smile: ) or just want more information anyways:

The quickest way to get help for your order is to head to the main site ( and click the orange help button (:help:) in the corner. There you can ask for help and more easily give the specifics that might help them locate your order

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Okay thank you! I did get tbe confirmation so it should be coming.

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It’s actually a common question, the “problem” is, people have now been conditioned to expect Amazon delivery times.

That’s just not realistic for most businesses.

Glad you got your info :+1:

I assume this is your first implant?
What did you get?
Where are you putting it?
Have you got an installer lined up?

Do you have any questions?

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Edit: oops you said what not where

I got a next standard kit. But the high cost shipping. I cant remember the name of it.

In my right hand.

When you say installer i assume you mean professional bio tech implanter person. My friend is a health and safety professional and does implants all the time.

Awesome choice

I’m guessing what we call Position #0

Probably not needed, but heres some reference meterial for you

read ?

read ?

Watch Installation procedure Guide 1

Watch Installation Procedure Guide 2

Watch Needle insertion angle

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If you DM your order number I can let you know if it’s gone out