How long should i wait till i take off the plaster?

so today i got my injection for my NExT implant. its been a few hours, but i was thinking, how long should i keep my plaster on?

at least like 10 minutes
if the wound is closed, the most risky part infection wise is over afaik
still be careful tho!


ok ill leave it like 24 hours, or as long as i can, im also assumming slight discomfort is normal. as its not painfull, its kinda like holding your hand closed for too long, that slight tightness ya know?

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yeah sounds normal

hey there. so i just got my NeXT implant put in my left hand, and im trying to read it useing the prox mark3, theres no issue reading the test cards or my student id at all, but it wont pick up my implant. i dont know why it wont read it, as it wasnt bashed about and everything went smoothly.

if anyone knows how to get my implant to read and write my card that would be amazing.

ok so update, i can get both high and low frequensies to detect, but im still stuck on writeing them, i keep getting the error:
[usb] pm3 → hf mf cload -f hf-mf-7A522D7C-dump-1.eml
[+] loaded 1024 bytes from text file hf-mf-7A522D7C-dump-1.eml
[=] Copying to magic gen1a card
[=] .[#] wupC1 error
[!] Can’t set magic card block: 0

ive read and autopwn my college card, there where no locked keys, but as soon as i try to write it, it dosent work? am i missing something?

Depending on just how recently the install was, the most likely answer is just wait a week or two for swelling to really go down and healing to complete

Beyond that, coupling the chip with a proxmark is a bit finicky, and messing around with the field detectors that came with the implant may help a little giving you an idea of how to orient the implant over the antennas

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ok, so i got a posittion where it reads, now i cant write too it, it gaves me the error
[usb] pm3 → hf mf cload -f hf-mf-7A522D7C-dump-1.eml
[+] loaded 1024 bytes from text file hf-mf-7A522D7C-dump-1.eml
[=] Copying to magic gen1a card
[=] .[#] wupC1 error
[!] Can’t set magic card block: 0

I am not a proxmark expert by any stretch of the term, this is just how I interpret that error from what little I know:

It seems you’re using a command for either a magic 1k card, or maybe a regular mifare 1k card, this is not what is in the NeXT, so there’s going to be a communication error

Along this line, the HF chip in the NeXT is an ntag216, which probably won’t fit your needs if you looking to clone a mifare 1k card.

Also, be very careful if you try writing to the LF side at this stage, it is all too easy to brick your chip by losing connection part way through the writing process in some cases, you want to be absolutely sure you know how to get a good connection and that you can maintain it for the entire write cycle before attempting to write to the LF side

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cheers. i saw on a video on the forum that someone wrote a mifare clasic 1k to the hf side of the chip on the xm1 chip. shouldnt this be posible with the NExT hf chip as well?
or no?
another thing, i know its mostlikly due to the swelling. but i cant get my phone to read or detect the nfc chip at all. it detects of hf nfc chip on the proxmark3 but not my phone… anyone know why? im useing an iphone 7

No. The xm1 is a mifare classic 1k chip. The next is an NTAG 216. Since they’re entirely different chips you can’t clone a mifare 1k card to the next; you’d need a xm1 for that.

It’s definitely just the swelling. Give it a couple weeks to fully heal and you’ll be good to go! I would also recommend using the nfc tools app if you’re not already. Background scanning on iphones is a bit finicky from what I remember

so im trying to get my iphone 7 (running ios 15 and above ) to read my NExT chip i got implanted today, but nothing shows up, even when useing apps like nfc tools it wont pick up the nfc chip , im started to worry it might be bricked, but when i use my proxmark3 to scan it, it almost always picks it up once i have the direction correct.

i think it mostliklly isnt bricked as i can still read it perfectly useing the pm3, but i do worry that my phone wont pick it up, i havent baught any other nfc cards to try my phone with as i dont wanna waist the money, but if i have too i have too.

anyidea on ways to get it to would would be amazing. cheers (yes i already know that the swelling can lead to interferance issues when trying to read the chip from a phone)

You have answered your own question, from the answers you have been given in your other threads (Im going to merge a few of them)

Also, This is probably worth a read for you

cheers dude sorry for the mass posting, just a little worried is all haha

Actually I’m pretty sure the iPhone 7 can’t read NFC tags at all. I’m pretty sure the NFC hardware in the phone for apple pay is not physically capable of interrogating NFC transponders.

I’m pretty sure the iPhone 8 and older is not capable of background reads, so it will only work with an app open

Make sure you watch the DT video on YouTube about iPhone antenna orientation, and give it time to heal

what kind if cards can i clone to the ntag 216, also isnt that the nfc side not the rfid, the rfid side of the implant is a t5577 correct?

i looked it up since the update of ios 13 they can read standard nfc chips like the ntag and iCode SLIX tags
" The iPhone 7 can read all standard NFC chips including the popular NTAG series and iCode SLIX tags."

" With the upgrade to iOS 13+, all iPhone 7 and newer can read and write an NFC Tags . The NFC behavior of iPhones updated to iOS 13 (and later) is very similar to that of Android smartphones: for NFC Tag programming, an application is required"

Not all are capable of reading NDEF officially.
But the hardware of all devices supporting Apple Pay is capable of doing so, if Apple would have enabled it.
I have a iPhone SE, 1st Gen, which supports Apple pay but not NFC.
With a jailbreak however, you can unlock it and it works just fine

huh, could you send me some links to the jail breaks please

The ntag216 doesn’t really support full tag cloning, the UID isn’t changeable at the very least, usually using these with a system requires having them enrolled in the system

NFC is a subset of RFID, but yes, the HF side is the NTAG217m6 and the LF is the t5577