How many implant you guys have and where?

Heeeeeeey !!! Whats up Robot !!! I was wandering how many implant do you have and where they are ??? I meen i have one in left hand… the next one in the right hand… and after ??? In fingers ? ?? I’m courious where it can be install ??? Thank you !!!

I have in 2 in my left hand. In L0.

Well there’s always a fingertip magnet, which is pretty standard.

As far as non-standard install locations, I have had implants: between the 4th and 5th metacarpals, near the meaty base of the thumb, where a watch would go, near the elbow, in the upper arm, in the tragus near the ear.

I know ragebolus and leumas95 have some in their proximal phalange. Rosco’s got some in his foot and lower back. Plenty of people get the temp sensing implants in their torso.

Also here’s this for reference

Satur9s poll link above :arrow_up:

I have 7 and I’ve pre-ordered the Apex Flex. I have two magnets, one in the pad of my left middle finger, one in the pad of my left thumb. I have a no-name RFID chip in L8, a Spark2 in L2, an xSIID in L0, a NeXT in R0, and a Flex Class in R1. The Apex Flex is going to go in R3

I name that one “Chip”

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I name that one “Sexy Flexy”


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