How many installs in a day?

I just received my pack of implants from Amal and Dangerous Things.

I am on the schedule to get them installed at my cousins shop in February. Is it reasonable to think I could get a NExT, Spark2, xM1, and an xG3 installed in one appointment?


Nothing specifically wrong with that but you’ll have some sore hands and it’s best to not do anything serious (working out, heavy lifting, etc.) for at least a few days… so both hands would need to be treated gently for a while


It depends on the person. When I first got implanted I got 3 at once. Personally, I don’t think I would have been able to handle any more while staying conscious :rofl:

If you think you’ll be able to handle the needle, then go for it! Just make sure you’re careful with your hands for a while afterwards. I would seriously advise having a friend/family member there with you to drive you home if needed. I know after my first round of implants I certainly wasn’t fit to be driving, but I got two more done a few months later and was able to drive back just fine.

I would also recommend eating something before you go to get them done. It can really take a lot out of you.

I will be on vacation in California at the time, so I can probably get by with doing very little.

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I would start taking some prenatal vitamins a day or two before you get the implants, and keep going on them for about 2 weeks. If you’re on vacation you should mostly be fine, just keep an eye on migration.

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I was planning on position 0 and Blade of both hands and I have a stash of prenatals already from my wife. I have been planning my implants for years but I just haven’t pulled the trigger til now.

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I wish you the best of luck then! I personally wouldn’t put anything other than a magnet in the knife edge of my hand, but of course it’s up to you. I would honestly recommend thinking about position 0 on both hands for the NExT/xM1, position 1/2 for the Spark 2, and knife edge for the xG3. Whatever you end up deciding though, keep us updated!

NExt (right position 0), xM1 (right blade?), Spark2 (Left position 0), xG3 (left blade)

This was my current plan, but I am open to discussion, especially with people that have been living with their implants for a while.

EDIT: I am right handed. If that make a difference in any way.

I don’t really think handedness plays any part in this honestly. I use my implants in both hands just as easily. However, if there’s specific readers you’re trying to use, that would effect things. (Ex: if there’s a reader you have to interact with from your car to get into a parking garage, you might want that chip in your left hand. If there’s a reader on the far left side of a door, it might be easier to scan your right hand.)

If you want the absolute easiest reads, I would recommend positions 1-3. I tend to have an easier time with getting reads in the wild from my implants in positions 1 and 2 then the ones in position 0, but those locations are certainly not as beginner friendly. I’d assume that the blade of your hand would also be fairly easy to get reads from then in P0, but I don’t have an rfid chip in mine to verify.

The reason I recommended against putting the xM1 in the blade of your hand is really just for potential futureproofing. If you don’t think you’ll want another xG3, then there’s no harm in putting the xM1 there. None of this is permanent though. You can always move/remove the xM1 later if you so choose, so don’t worry about it too much!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the positions you’re looking at, I’m just giving my thoughts. Feel free to take them or leave them.

I got mine three at a time and it was no problem. Most of them went into my left hand since I’m right handed and plan on using them with my phone. It was nice to have one relatively unharmed had to be able to do stuff with.

Thank you, I am open to real world input. Very useful.

As you are right handed, I think it is pertinent to ask, do you “Hammerfist” things?


I could have gone with this one, but it’s not funny


does that also apply to women?
I waive a gif :sweat_smile:

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In the end the Piercer decided that she was only comfortable doing two in a sitting, so I am scheduled for next week for my other two (the xM1 and xG3

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200 (1)

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i got 4 in a row - no problem for me.

you can do much more. There was a project in Sweden, where Chai from CalmBodymod implanted 30 chips in a person. It tooks about 20 minutes. I talked with him about it, when I was visiting him. I saw a short clip about it on his Instagram site.

Wow :open_mouth: the planning alone would have taken longer than that.

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No kidding. That is an average of one new implant every 40 seconds!

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Fwiw I did 3 in my first session, and then 6 in my next session

Little to no difference, posistion matters more than quantity

Let us know how you go with getting multiple at once! Ill most likely be getting 3-4 (maybe a cheeky 5th if i go for the xBT) in one sitting. Depending on how you go, i may or may not spread it out over a couple months.
Best of luck!