How much did it cost to get your implant?

@son_of_a_diddley mentioned using them in the older thread. So presumably they have done this before.

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Lieferzeit 6 Tage nach Deutschland :de: Sehr Schnell :+1:t2: . Implantiert habe ich sie mir selber . Spark 2 Linke Hand , NeXT und XLed in die Rechte Hand Seite bei Seite . Kein Blut Keine Schmerzen kein verrutschen . Erst den Spark , dann am 3 Tag NeXT und XLed gleichzeitig mit separaten Einstichen. Jetzt sind 2 wochen vergangen Alles Super man sieht die Löcher nicht mehr :ok_hand:t3:

:warning: Achtung :warning:
:no_entry: das ist keine Anleitung zum Selber Implantieren​:no_entry: .
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Es können Gesundheitliche Schäden entstehen :microbe::thermometer::pill::syringe::drop_of_blood::mechanical_arm:!!


@Pilgrimsmaster - Hey, looks like someone is attempting to steal your most-emotes-in-one-post-crown! :stuck_out_tongue:

I paid $80 for the actual install. Sounds like it’s a bit higher than average, but I was quite happy with the process and my installer, and I will almost certainly go back when it’s time

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Thanks, Mean Street Tattoos is a partner so should be no hassle to get it done there.

Yea I had to shop around a few places as the first few I talked to wouldn’t do it at all
but once I found a guy who would, a piercer, he was actually familiar with these implants and did it on the spot for me for $40 USD

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Yeah definitely, JR at Mean Street did all 3 of mine so far. Just call the shop and ask for JR. He’s not in on certain days but you can still schedule a piercing appointment with the receptionist and let JR know that it’s a “Dangerous Things” install.

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I know it’s not really a reply to your question, but…

When I factor in the implant itself, the hardware needed to program it proper, and various devices to interact with (locks, readers, cellphone - although admittedly you probably already had the cellphone), the poor body artist really ain’t getting a lot of my biohacking money.

My “big job” installer asks 38 euros per installation on average, and my “small job” one often tells me it’s free just because we’re friends and I bring the beer. I’d be ashamed to say yes, So I make sure I round up whatever the former asks so that he gets 50 euros per implant at the very least, and I literally have to force the latter to take at least a twenty.

I’ve been shafted by tattoo parlors in the past, and I didn’t leave those a cent more than they asked for. But for nice guys like the ones I patronize now, it’d be criminal not to leave a reasonable tip.


Yea when I had mine done, he only wanted $40USD but I tipped him almost $25USD on top of that.

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Thanks, I set up an appointment for this Saturday

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So you gave him a $65 bill and told him to keep the change? :slight_smile:

I mean it’s such an odd tip. It’s great though, don’t get me wrong. But I can see you leaving $50 or $100. Maybe $60 if you only have 3 jacksons. But $65 takes a dedicated effort. How did you arrive at that figure?

A lot of card processor terminals here ask you if you want to apply a tip and it can be a % or it can be a set amount… that or he just put all his cash ok the table

would be my guess. Do many tattoo and body modification parlors have payment terminals in the US? Most of the good ones I’ve been to here in Europe only take cash.

This is sample size of 1, but my piercer’s shop has one of these:
They’re pretty common for small businesses in the US, like tattoo parlors.

A lot of small pure service businesses in Europe only take cash - or at least much prefer it if you pay cash - because it’s not very easy to keep card payments off the book.

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The tattoo shop my step daughter co-owns takes cash or electronic payments to the artist if agreed in advance. They won’t take a cheque/check or card in store.

It saves them having to get a terminal.

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*cough *
You mean that’s the reason why my bodmod artist doesn’t accept cards?

Nah, no idea why, but he just doesn’t - since there is a terminal about next to his shop, that’s not really a problem :wink:
My local piercer and tattoo artist (same studio) accept cards without any problems.

Oh, and to finally answer this thread’s question: 20 or 25 € for my xSeries implants and 250 € for my flex install. I’m very fine with both, though I really had to “force” my piercer to take the money for installing the xSeries^^

And I’m currently really happy that I keep a list of all my mods, otherwise I would already forget what I paid for them^^

Either that or he likes handling pieces of paper with more germs on them than on a public toilet seat in Dhaka.

:rofl: Public toilets in Dhaka are squat toilets so no seat.

If you mean an injectable chip, it should probably be “cheap,” $40-60 USD. Might be slightly more if the installer will do it with an incision/scalpel & scissors.

If you’re talking about a flex implant, it can be more because of size, time, and location concerns. And finally, if it’s a magnet in a fingertip, well, given the risks to nerves and stuff, they may charge even more. I’ll be paying $125 for my Titan install in a fingertip.