How much did it cost to get your implant?


Besides the upfront cost of the chip itself, how much did your piercer charge you for the implant process?

Standard piercings would take just as long as the implant, which go for $40, but this guy wants $125 for it…

Thinking about looking into other options.


Did the 125 $ include the implant? Some piercers have them in stock.


Yeah $40 - $50 is typical for most piercers. Is this piercer a partner on our map?


No, that was just the price for the process and yes it’s one of your partners. He seems to be under the impression that he has a monopoly because he is one of the 3 on the east coast that is certified


The shop I went to did it for free


Mine was $40 at Mean Street Tattoos.


I didn’t go to a partner, but to a piercer (in germany) who was also a nurse
I paid 10€


I had my piercer drive an hour from another state, directly to my house to install both my xNT and my xEM at the same time. I paid him $150 to do it. Then again, he’s been my trusted body piercer for the past decade, so it was money well spent. I’d rather pay more and ensure it is done right than to pay less and have everything be messed up and worrisome.


I paid $56.25 USD.


Did it myself, ended up paying $20ish between getting a pair of foreceps, marking pen, and more rubbing alcohol.