How much movement?

I had my xNT implanted 3 days ago by a Dangerous Things partner. So far it has healed nicely! So swelling, no bruising, no pain. I can also read/write just fine. My only area of concern is the implant seems to travel about an 1/8th to ¼ inch throughout the day. Just normal hand movements make it slide back and forth. There is a point at the end of its sliding track that is pretty close to bone (or above it). Is this much movement normal? I know at some point it will be encased in a fibrous tissue that will help with this, but I would prefer that happen further away from bone. Is there anything I can do?

Hi Johnny,

First, can you take a photo of your hand with markings (either on your hand in ink or edited digitally) to show where the concerning location is? I’d like to see the track of motion you’re talking about.

Second, if you are concerned you can start taking prenatal vitamins to speed encapsulation. You can also build a kind of small little splint using a toothpick and tape… basically create a block so the tag can’t slide past the toothpick. The pressure needs to be pretty good, so use quality tape (medical or engineering tape).

Ok this is not a problem. There seems to be at least 4-5mm between the end of the tag and bone, so you are totally fine.