How should I get started for coding a NFC ring

Hi, I’ve been looking into RFID/NFC tech for about a few weeks now, I’m thinking about purchasing one of the NFC rings on DT. The issue is whenever I look for how to “program” an nfc/rfid chip,I can’t seem to come across any readers/writers that explain how exactly I would put the information within said chip.First all I want to do is be able to have the ring scanned and send the scanner (that would be my iphone) to a website, basically, I want to have my options be open with what I can do with my NFC ring, and then maybe see what I can do with other RFID tech as well, maybe use it to communicate with a drone, or, a project I can keep myself busy with.


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NFC can be written to by phones. I am an android guy so not can’t recommend any apps first hand.

But I use the android version of this NFC Tools.


You would simply add a URL record from the write screen an any phone that scans it that has NFC capabilities (most of them) will open the page.

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You probably have one in your hand right now and you are looking at it… your phone
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What @leumas95 said up there, he beat me to it…


The iPhone version works just as well, but I believe you have to have an iPhone X or newer to be able to write data.

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iPhone…ewwww :nauseated_face:

But here you go, a couple more for you to consider

Just some tips.
iPhone NFC antenna is along the top edge of compatiable iPhones
Phone covers can interfere with read range


Please try to keep the forum free from phone bigotry :wink:

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As he is looking into NFC rings I doubt this will be an issue.

But… what about… windows phones… :open_mouth: surely we can hate on those :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn, I got excited to help and forgot what we were even discussing in the first place :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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You can use this app. Select “New”, then under “NEW DATASET” select “Link”. Enter the information you want, and then tap the top of your phone to the ring when it says “Ready to Scan”.

The “other RFID tech” works very similarly. The rings use NFC, which is a subset of RFID which can be communicated via your smartphone. Other frequencies/protocols may require a dedicated reader device


:frowning: I’mma fix that soon.

Thank you! I’ll make sure to download one of these when my order arrive.

That can work when I start playing around with it but, I was just wondering if there was a more, I guess I’m more so thinking of a coding language to learn. How could I say, hook up a computer to a reader, said reader to the ring, and be able to write the information in there manually?


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There apre plenty of ways to do that. I think the modules are out of stock on DT:

But you can find them and others like it all over the internet on places like Amazon. You hook them up to an Arduino usually then you can code that to use it.

There are also usb readers that you can use like the ACR122U that you can plug into a computer via USB and do something with that.

Or make an app for your phone :slight_smile:

You could even DIY your own reader if you like a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

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