How the xBT Temperature Sensing Chip works

About the xBT Temperature Sensing Chip chip:

Is an FDX-B animal reader sufficient?
Because I did not find any for human …
If not, which model do you recommend?

Do you also have a recommended model of bio-compatible reader?

Can the Dangerous KBR1 RFID Reader read this chip?

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We suggest getting the Halo reader.

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Is the Halo Scanner the only option for reading temp. from the xBT chip? Would an Arduino sensor potentially work?

The Halo scanner is recommended because the xBT operates at 134kHz. Most Arduino development boards are tuned for 125kHz. I wasn’t able to find a premade Dev board set up for 134kHz. Most people either cannibalize a reader (like the Halo) and hook it up to their Arduino, or tune an existing 125kHz board for the 134kHz frequency by changing out some SMT caps/resistors/Inductors. If the 134kHz tags use a different communication protocol, you’d have to write code to interpret that as well.

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My previous post wasn’t entirely accurate. I found this thread:


Actually, funny enough, 125khz and 134khz are close enough that there is not really typically a distinct difference with regard to reader tuning. The Halo reads the xBT and xEM both.

By the way, the image of the player does not appear when I click on the Amazon link.
I’m looking for readers of this name, but I only fall on animal drives as shown above