How to check NExT chip into the applicator before installing?

Hi! I`m pay NExt chip and I want to make sure of its OK before installation in the hand. But the phone can not read the NFS part of chip, presumably because it is installed in a metal applicator needle.
What can be done in such a situation?

Trust that it will work!

If you really “have” to, and you really DON’T,
you “could” but really SHOULDN’T.

  • Set up your aseptic station ready for your installation, put on sterile gloves, cover your phone with sterile gauze or similar, (and xEM Access controller antenna, if you are going to test xEM side of NExT)
  • Eject your NExT ( Bad idea ) onto sterile surface ( included in NExT pack ) Scan/ read your NExT without touching if possible, Smile and be happy that it is working, and be just a little bit disappointed in yourself for not Trusting it would work :wink:
  • Carefully, scoop or pick up with gloves to re-insert into needle
  • Insert needle into hand ( or wherever ) :syringe:
  • Scan, test and read NExT
  • Be happy that it is working as expected.
  • Kick yourself for not just doing that in the first place.

Good luck, and I hope you don’t get an infection :nauseated_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks a lot, I trust it. I dont want eject chip, because re-insert may fail.
When I insert and check, I write you)


Yes, I had the same concern, mainly regarding the RFID working in my building, I actually took the hip out and used the procedures that were described and programmed/test both RFID/NFC. My Iphone did read the NFC tag.

Now, after it has been implanted, the RFID works but I cannot get the NFC part recognized by the IPhone.

Did you try Taginfo or TagWriter?

He’s all sorted ( He posted in 2 places )

But I didn’t suggest those apps :+1:

Addition question does the Iphone have to have it’s screen unlocked and ready to use? Does the NFC Tools app need to be open or only to utilize its tools?

The answer to this is ‘it depends’ - screen does have to be on, but everything else depends on iPhone model and what data you have on the tag.

Newer iPhones support ‘Background Tag Reading’ (XR and newer I think? Works on my 11 Pro) which means it can natively read NDEF data that has a link in it (URL, Phone Number, Text Message, or Email) - but annoyingly not any other type (no vCard :slightly_frowning_face:)

Some older models (I think from 7 onwards?) can still read tags, and the newer models can read other data when you use an app, but in this case the app has to be open and prompting you to scan a tag.

Apple made a bit of a mess of it, but once you figure out what your phone supports, it works great.

My NExT is programmed with a vCard a record 1 (Android phones) and a ‘Call this number’ link as record 2 (iOS background reading, uses the first found link)

Good luck!


I am making progress with mu Iphone XR - when the NFC tools are opened, the IPhone read the NFC Tag, in fact, I was able to write a URL to the NeXT. The NFC does see it however it does not automatically open Safari IPhone Browser. Thoughts?

Can I have it automatically open Chrome on the Iphone?

After providing the Iphone Pop-up, if I touch it then it opens.

That’s correct, iOS background reading gives you a notification, and requires a tap to run the action - the background tag reading seems to be less sensitive than app reading, but it’s usually pretty good.

As for Chrome, no. Apple doesn’t allow you to set default apps, so a URL when tapped will always open in Safari from an NFC scan.

Reading that others have placed other information on the NFC NeXT Chip, other than a URL, saved in the tag information, does it just open up multiple pop-ups on the Iphone?

How to you only modify/delete 1 record from the NFC Chip ?

You could just, Get an Android!
Not perfect by any means, but better than an apple

Then you can do more of what you want,
rather than what you are only allowed to do

Even a cheap NFC capable android phone will do what you want.

Not particularly constructive but something for you to consider

You will also find on here it’s not uncommon for a lot of people to have an iPhone but they also have an Android for programming their implants

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LoL, therefore, you are indicating that these tasks are NFC Chip capable, but the IPhone app tools, like NFC Tools can not do them.

Final, question then is it impossible to write multiple records to the Chip?

Sorry, again, I’m not the correct person to answer that, as I don’t have an iPhone, Just merely giving you suggestions to consider and also a little
:poop:ing on

I do know however, it wasn’t until late last year , apple finally started playing nicer with NFC, I’ll try and find the thread for you.

In the mean time, another question I dont know the answer to;
if you were to jailbreak your iPhone, would the NFC interact any differently? Are the any NFC jailbroken apps available?

Here’s the NFC “announcement”
July! so more mid tha late last year. Sorry

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I’m the person to answer that!

Your tag can have multiple records no problem! They can be any type of record you like, including things like WiFi settings (NXP TagWriter can do these) and vCards, the issue is iOS native reading. You will only ever see notification for links like i indicated above, and iOS only shows you the first link it finds on the tag. If you have multiple links, apps like NXP TagInfo and NFC Tools can show them all and let you use them, but if you don’t have the app open you’ll only be able to do the first link.

On mine i have vCard as record 0, phone call link as record 1, and text as record 2

So an Android device should see the vCard, since it is the first record and Android natively supports that. iPhones get a notification to call my number in a single tap (they can pull down the banner to add to contacts, but my name isn’t prefilled), and if i use a scanning app i can also see the text record.

Hope this makes sense!

Pilgrimsmaster: Jailbreaking I’m not sure, but it’s not something I’d advise - I’ve done the jailbreak thing before, and it’s just not as stable, kind of defeats the point of using an iPhone if what you want is an android :wink: