iOS 13 NFC Changes - iPhone NFC Implant Support?


Hey there!

Recently, iOS 13 was announced, and with that, various changes to NFC support in iOS were also announced, which as far as I can tell bring the functionality to about the same level as is available on Android.

That said, I really don’t know much about NFC and the details of the changes which they announced. I’m curious if anybody here knows more about these changes, and if it potentially means that NFC implants (specifically the VivoKey Spark) could now be compatible with iPhones running iOS 13?

I emailed VivoKey a couple of weeks ago and never heard back, so I guessed this would be the next best place to ask!



Yep… iOS 13 takes off the gloves and I’m pretty sure we can open up full NFC application support, including VivoKey.

Sorry buddy! It may have fell through the cracks :confused:


Ahhh no problem at all, thanks for the reply!

That’s great to hear! I’ve been hoping to get an implant but not being able to use it on iPhone was killing the idea for me, totally sold now though!

Any idea if there’s a rough timeline for when that might be available?


Hmm not at this time, but it’s now a priority.