iOS 13 NFC Changes - iPhone NFC Implant Support?

An implant cannot be removed by a pickpocket. My iPhone and Apple Watch have biometric authentication before they can be used. Much more secure than my physical cards. This ring seems like something more akin to a card in that it can be removed and used by anyone. I just wonder if they will have security or biometrics of some sort. Doesn’t seem like it. :man_shrugging:

I’m waiting for the VivoKey project to come to fruition i suppose.

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Amazing! I just read that iOS 13 now unlocks the ability for Apps to write to tags as well, that was one major thing lacking for me from iOS. Does anyone know if there are any iOS 13 compatiable Apps which are capable of writing at the moment or is it too early?

Nightwalker, I’ve been using my apple shortcuts app Automation button to enable NFC triggers. I’ve also played around with Simply NFC and Launch Center. All of them do the trick. I’m still tinkering around with my Proxmark but am having a hell of a time getting all the files to work with GitHub. Why can’t someone just make a damn executable file? Jesus Hussein Christ lol

Try Linux

I also upgraded to iOS 13 just last night and I played around with the new built-in Shortcuts App in combination with NFC stickers and implants, I played around with the new Scripting actions Apple have built in, it is incredible! I’m actually quite surprised at just how open Apple are being one, the scripting functions they have allowed access to are quite versatile.

I mean you can scan a tag now and your iPhone will SSH into another computer or server and execute a script, for those of us comfortable with writing the odd bash script then that certainly opens up a whole host of automation options! :slight_smile:

It isn’t always the best option. I use both Windows and numerous Linux distros on a daily basis. If you have a user complaining about ease of use like the one you replied to then I hardly think suggesting they switch to Linux is the answer to their problems.

I’m sat on a Dell Latitude 5580 on my lunch break at the moment, it came with Windows 10 preinstalled (I don’t like Windows 10), it also has a built in NFC/RFID reader which worked beautifully out of the box with Win10. I have installed two different Linux distros on it and the reader doesn’t work under those straight away, not even after trying a couple of applications.

No doubt it’ll need a driver or two, I haven’t given it a real hard look yet, but just making a point that Linux may not always be the answer to everyones solutions and that is coming from someone who loves Linux.


Yup, I get where you’re coming from. I don’t really “like” Linux, Windows, or Mac. I didn’t elaborate, but I’m certainly not saying “Linux is the solution to all your problems”. I just pick whatever OS provides the path of least resistance for each task. In this particular case with the Proxmark software, it happened to be much easier to set up and use in a fresh Ubuntu install. You could even put it on a flash drive.