How to clone a Mifare 1k classic card to a NExT implant?

Hi everyone, I recently received my Proxmark3 Easy with the Iceman RRG Firmware from dangerousthings. Now I am attempting to clone my University OneCard, a Mifare 1k classic on onto my NExT implant. I’ve been searching for some form of tutorial or instruction, but they all seem to be for other types of implants or different versions of the Proxmark3. If you have any insight, it would be greatly appreciated.

The issue is that the NExT does not have a Mifare Classic 1k chip in it. It has an NTAG216 chip, which is not a Mifare Classic 1k. For this you will need to confirm the OneCard is truly a “classic” Mifare chip with only a 4 byte ID and not a newer Mifare 1k EV1 with 7 byte ID… if that is the case, then you can clone to a Magic Mifare 1k chip (a chinese chip that allows ID changes and sector 0 writes). Products that contain a magic mifare chip are the xM1 ( and the flexM1 (