How to clone a Mifare card to my NExT implant

I just got my implant done!
I’m using a proxmark3, i was able to clone a mf card to a card that came in the box with the proxmark, but not to the implant, any idea why?

Unfortunately, most Mifare cards can’t be transferred to the NeXT. If you want one that can, check out the xM1.


TLDR: different tag technology. its like asking to turn a dungeon key into a yale key

LE: they’re different technologies which are made up of different datastrutures. the closest you’ll get to cloning onto the High Frequency side of your NExT would be a Mifare Ultralight as it shares a similar enough datastructure to the ntag216 found in your NExT implant.

even so, the NExT doesn’t have the ability to have its UID (think: serial number) changed so a total clone would be impossible.

if you did want to go about cloning mifare classic you’d need an implant capable of that. (see xM1, FlexM1)

What are you planning to use it for? If it’s for an access control system, it might be worth asking the people who manage it to try to enroll your NExT.

Sure, it might not work but it’s still worth a try.

I want to program my gym card into it, for reference, theirs is a mifare 1k with an ID 8 characters long, I was able to clone it to a card that came with the proxmark and it worked.

I do have a question though, when i changed the UID of the magic card that came with the proxmark to that of my gym, it didn’t work on the gym system, but when i restored the data with the key using hf mf restore --1k -k hf-mf-532D7121-key-6.bin it worked.
So it seems like the reader there didn’t just look for the ID it also checked for the cards content.

If i were to ask them to register the ID of the xNT which is in my NExT, would it work? or would I need to do something extra?
Their cards UID has 8 characters where my xNT has 14, (I believe theirs is 4bytes and the implant is 7bytes).

Just ordered an XM1 too as that should work for the cases where they can’t register my ID, sometimes you just can’t go ahead and explain that you have a chip in your hand

ps: im new to all this, correct me if i misunderstood anything :grin:

Is it just the ID or do they have more information on their cards?

If it’s just the ID, it might work after adding it to their system, or it might not be compatible at all… But it’s worth a try as long they don’t freak out too much.

I think theres info on the card, it didnt work untill i restored from the orginal cards file