How to clone bus pass

I have been trying to get my bus pass onto my xNT implant. Is there any way to do this? Here is what TagInfo says:

** TagInfo scan (version 4.24.5) 2020-01-28 17:37:37 **
Report Type: External

– IC INFO ------------------------------

IC manufacturer:

Unknown manufacturer

IC type:

Unknown IC implementing ISO/IEC 14443-4

Application information:

Proximity Payment System Environment (PPSE) present
MasterCard card

  • Label: “MasterCard”
  • Priority: 1

– NDEF ------------------------------

No NDEF data storage populated:

– EXTRA ------------------------------

File Control Information:

Proximity Payment System Environment (PPSE) present
0x6F39840E325041592E5359532E4444463031A527BF0C2461224F07A0000000041010500A4D6173746572436172648701019F6E0708400000303000 |o9.␎2PAY.SYS.DDF01.’.␌$a"O␇.␀␀␀␄␐␐P␊MasterCard.␁␁.n␇␈@␀␀00␀|

– FULL SCAN ------------------------------

Technologies supported:

ISO/IEC 7816-4 compatible
ISO/IEC 14443-4 (Type B) compatible
ISO/IEC 14443-3 (Type B) compatible
ISO/IEC 14443-2 (Type B) compatible

Android technology information:

Tag description:

  • TAG: Tech [,]
  • Maximum transceive length: 65279 bytes
  • Default maximum transceive time-out: 618 ms
  • Extended length APDUs supported
  • Maximum transceive length: 253 bytes
    MIFARE Classic support present in Android

Detailed protocol information:

ID: 6C:61:36:03
Application Data: 0x00000000
Protocol info: 0x008171

  • Supported receive rates:
    • 106 kbit/s (DR: 1)
  • Supported send rates:
    • 106 kbit/s (DS: 1)
  • Max. accepted frame size: 256 bytes (FSCI: 8)
  • FWT: 38.66 ms (FWI: 7)
  • Application Data Coding is proprietary
  • NAD not supported
  • CID supported
    Higher Layer Response: [none]

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Nah, there’s no way to do that. See where is says “Proximity Payment System Environment
MasterCard card”?

The chip inside of there is more powerful than the NTAG216 in the xNT. That chip was setup for payment applications in a secure facility before it was sent to your public transit authority, and there’s no way to copy that personalization information onto an implant, even if it was the same chip.


is it possible to do this with a Mifare chip? like the FlexM1?

Depends on your transit system card.

If you have a specific use you are thinking of, scan your card with TagInfo
Check out the chip type, and we can better help answer your question.
Generally, Transit authority don’t make it easy to enroll your “Bring your own cards” but there may be ways around it.

“Most” Transit companies have moved away from the Mifare* card systems because they are less / not secure.

So that is Not a No, just a highly unlikely, “Most” are now using forms of DesFire or “other” more secure options

*overly used term.

Oh! DesFire is different from Mifare. similar tech, but different. I gotcha, makes sense.

I have my Suica card on hand, and I scanned it with the TagInfo app. would I be looking at IC type? if so, this is a FeliCa IC.

It doesn’t say mastercard on it at all, so I’m a little hopeful.

okay. so the tag type is a JIS 6319-4. I haven’t seen that one yet, soooo… hopes are now rather low lol

yeah FeliCa is a Sony tech… both Sony and Japan are basically technologically xenophobic and prefer to do things their own way… so it’s a very specific market that we don’t have anything implantable for … yet. VivoKey is exploring the idea in cooperation with VivoKey Japan.


If vivokey is able to get access to it, I’d buy a vivokey the same day lol.

Super excited for the future!

to get it to work properly we would need to work with the transit company, but that’s not impossible. VivoKey Japan would handle that integration if we were able to source the felica chips.

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I think DT should start their own public transport services in all major cities…

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I would ride it lol

I dunno if you’d want that… my idea is to make big pneumatic tubes and each person gets in their own goddamn tube and gets whisked away… quiet… too quiet… gassing them to sleep quiet… just as they pop up at their destination an electric shock jolts them back to consciousness and an ejector lever shoves them out. a cleansing spray deploys, simultaneously sanitizing and deodorizing the pod… ready for the next passenger.

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That is… disturbing :slight_smile:

tenor (33)

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Well, I never said it was a novel idea :wink:

Any chance there’s an update on this?