How to get people to accept my UID as my "entrance card"

Hey there !
I am interested in buying a flexDF or maybe a viokey in the near future. If I got it right, with the implant I get my “personal” UID which no one else has on this planet, so its like my real ID(-Card). Now, if I for example I install a lock in my house, which I can open through my UID, i am in controll over that and I can just programm it to accept my UID. My question now is, how to get for example a security guard to change my normal workplace entrance-card-id to my implant’s UID so I can use it to open my doors at office. My concrete plan is to let the accountant in my gym (McFit) rewrite my profile and change my random membercard ID to my UID so I can get access to my gym through my implant. How to get the person to do that? And if she declines what should I do, because I cant just copy my membercard to my flexDF right?

Just aks them at the gym, I think they would be surprised and curious. You can’T lose your membership card again - no one can stole and use it.

First, remember that no implant will handle every type of system. i.e. your gym may use an access control that is not compatible with the flexDF, but may be compatible with the xEM. But your work cards may use a different tech than your gym,. Or it may not be compatible with any implant.

If you have an access card for your gym or work, try scanning it with an NFC app like NFC tools. Also buy the DT diagnostic card. I always have it on me. You can hold this up to the readers and it will tell you what frequency they use, which will narrow down what implants might be compatible. The flexDF and the Vivokey are both high frequency. Many access control systems use low frequency.

Definitely read this before you buy anything or you may get an implant that won’t work for what you want. Chip compatibility with systems and devices

Thanks you made the whole situation a bit more clear. I scanned my membercard and it says:
Tag Typ : ISO14443-3A
NXP MIFARE Classic 1k
Technologies vavilable: NfcA, MifareClassic, NdefFormatable
Storage: 1kByte: 16 sectors á 4 blocks (16bytes per block)

So because se flexDF is “compatible with all ISO14443A RFID systems” it should be possible to let the trainers change my membercard ID to the UID of the flexDF right?
Then I would still have 7 kByte of storage left. Is it then possible to programm the flexDF so, that it creates a profile including my name, telephone number and email-adress if a smartphone canns it using NFC?