How to sanitize and reuse implant after failed injection

So I went to have my NeXT implant put in last night. Everything seemed to go well but when I got home I could not scan it or feel it. So today I went and got a X-ray. And behold no implant in my hand. My question is if I can recover my implant from the tattoo parlor is there a way to sanitize and reuse it or do i need to buy a new one.




I have no solid answer for you, but I have so many questions about this. What makes you think you will find the implant at the shop? And how did you get a hand xray? Guessing you aren’t in the US?


I called the shop when I got home. I just had a gut feeling. The installer said he would bag it up separately and keep it for me.

And I do live in the states just walked into a urgent care and ask for one.


That is both a little funny but a lot sad.

Sorry to hear that your install went that way buddy.

What exactly is he bagging up?
Did he find the NExT? or just the syringe :syringe:?
So are you yet to confirm that the NExT is still within the syringe?

Did you hear the “Click” when the installed depressed the plunger?

Although it is a pity it was out of your control for a period of time.
If you find your NExT, You have a few options.

But I think your best approach would be to discuss with your installer, they should have some options they can recommend for you.
The minimum I would say would be 72 hours in a chlorhexidine solution , autoclave if they can, and then ask him to install with whatever tools he is comfortable with since you have already paid for the install, they should have no problem with that.

Not a witch hunt, but out of curiosity, were they on the install partner map?

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I didn’t hear a click but the installer and assistant said they did.

So he has the syringe but has yet to confirm the implant is in it.

And as far as the installer map no they are not on it.

Took me going to about 9 shops before I could find someone to do it.

Might be a good time to start a list of who NOT to go to for installation.


Lol if I had a 3rd hand I would have done it myself. May still go that route if I can recover it.

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I was just curious.
Did they mention if they had done one before, or were they just willing to try?
Either way, it is awesome that you managed to find somebody.

If they heard the click, I wonder if it is still in the needle tip, or it came out with the needle and ended up in the blood products.

Good luck with it, and I hope you find it.

I would still be asking the same installer and giving them another chance.

Personally, I don’t think this situation would warrant that.
This installer said YES after many others said NO, I wouldn’t blacklist somebody for that.

Maybe a blacklist for installers with poor hygiene practices, attitude, cowboy :cowboy_hat_face: etc…


Very true, this seems very much like innocent inexperience, it’s hard to convict someone especially if they hadn’t done it before.


Yeah, and I edited to add as you replied.

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Before everyone starts blaming the installers I had this happen to me, the plunger was pushed the chip whent in but what happened was as pressure was applied it popped back out into the gauze it was only when the gauze was tossed onto the tray an there was a chink of glass hitting metal we knew what happened. The chip was still in the sterile field we swilled in clorahex and shoved it back in.

Can happen to anyone, they have done multiple implants and just occasionally you get issues.


I certainly hope you do, it’s a nice piece of hardware.

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This was their first and I appreciate the situation. They were very professional and clean. And depending on how they handle this situation is how I will proceed.

I guess my biggest question is can the chip be autoclaved? Or will it have adverse effects?

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Keep us in the loop, We would all be interested in hearing about the result.

Totally agree with this.
NExT is an awesome product

I think this is a great decision.

Yep, Just not the syringe, unless their autoclave has a plastics setting


Actually, here is the word from our sponsor!
Same principle, just different situation.

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Will do but nobody will be back in the shop till tomorrow so time will tell.

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Thanks all of you for the help. At least give me piece of mind but my hand still hurts lol.

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To quote @turbo2ltr

Haha, I am literally eating popcorn as I type this :popcorn:

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Wow, I agree it is both hilarious and horribly awful. I don’t know what went down here. Even inexperienced I did my own and I could watch and feel the implant going in and had toRemove the needle slowly so it would stay in place. I really hope you get it all figured out and that the next it is in the syringe, and all is good.