(HOW TO) Set Up Vivokey Authenticator for Vivokey APEX

I thought I would throw together a quick HOW TO for the VivoKey APEX in hopes of helping out any new :logo_vk_word: APEX adopters

Included in this guide:-

  • What Apps to download ( android, but iOS will be the equivalent )
  • How to enroll applets on your APEX
  • How to set-up your App to work with your APEX

For this, I thought I would start with an easy one, because the principle is the same to set up the others, although the use will be different

VivoKey Authenticator

If you are familiar with Google Authenticator, you will easily transition to VK Auth.

When prompted or offered to add 2FA to a webpage or similar

Grab yourself the following 2 Apps

PART 1 -VivoKey OTP

Open image


PART 2 - VivoKey Authenticator

Open Up image

That’s about it, I hope this is of use to someone