How to test xLED with an iphone

Hi there!

I am new in the scene and for my xLED implanted today in my hand.

Now my question, is there a app to test it with my iPhone?

Have a nice day!

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I have found NFC tools to be the most useful for iPhone. Once you initiate a tag read, the signal sent out from your iPhone should be enough to power the xLED as long as positioning is correct.

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And how do I initiate the Implantat? Is it not „plug and play“?

Yeah, it is.
Some phones will do mostly low power pulses followed by a higher power pulse.
@ItaBeAight I believe ws just suggesting you use an NFC app, to make sure the NFC is “reading” with High power.

Just to confirm, you have a High Frequency xLED?
if so
What phone do you have?
Does it have NFC?
If it does, Just make sure your phone has NFC enabled, and you should light right up.

Check out this list of phones, If yours is in there there maybe some clues as to the best placement.

iPhones are along the top edge.

Just be aware, if you implanted today, the swelling may make it more difficult to light up

If you have a low Frequency xLED,
you will need a “special” reader, for example, a LF access reader or proxmark etc

Your iPhone will constantly send out weak signals to seek out tags, these may not provide enough power to your xLED to make it light up. In order to send out strong signals (enough to to power an xLED or tag) you use the app in “read tag” mode.

You are using a HF xLED?

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I have bought this one

You cannot use a phone to power that implant. 125KHz is low-frequency RFID, phones are 13.56MHz high-frequency RFID. There are a few low-frequency PC readers you can use, along with tools like the proxmark, and actual badge readers at businesses.

Edit: oh yeah, the xAC from dangerous things, as well.

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It works with Apple Watch Charger and the new MagSafe charger perfect :joy:

I would recommend not using your xLED around any chargers.

Just like this. In nfc tools, select read and put the top corner opposite the camera near the bottom of your tag

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Great suggestion, but you must have missed the post above, it appears that they have an LF xLED so the phone won’t work

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Ah, I see I have misread! I keep getting them mixed up. Sorry and thanks for the heads up!

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yep i bought the 125 as well and now its installed which i did yesterday ;/