How to Unlock my car

What do i need to unlock my car with the MIFARE DESfire EV2 chip

Car type
Opel insignia 2011


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What research have you done so far?

Do you have any equipment that you are wanting to use?

Do you have any ideas at all where to start?

Is all you want to do, just to unlock your car?

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I don’t know what to buy so i didn’t

What i want is to unlock my car en even start it if is that’s possible

Research, not much because i am new here (in bio hacking)

Just so we are on the same page

Its possible, but unless it’s a Tesla… not much else has the right technology in the car to begin with
You can’t mimic a keyless fob or anything like that with an implant

You’ll have to add/remove/rewire stuff to get your car to unlock or start with an implant

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I did know that i need to build in an external reader to unlock but i don’t know where i can buy them en what kind i need

Totally possible, and you have a number of options available to you.

Do you have any electrical / electronic knowledge?
Arduino experience?

How does your car unlock? Proximity? Key fob? if it is a fob, how many buttons does it have? lock/unlock or a seperate lock and unlock?

Sorry for my late response

My car key has 2 buttons lock and unlock thats al

How to instal is either not the problem but i cant find what i need so thats wat i wanna know

If thats the case, you really just need to decide on what you want to use.

Arduino is pretty flexible

here is an example

The simple sexy from @Chimpofm is another great option

xAC will do it also

There are other options, but once you decide, there will be some people here that can help you out.