Human 2.0 bug fixes chat

So I stumbled onto this meme, and I was amused by it

I figured it might be amusing to see what bug fixes you’d apply to human 2.0

I’m going to go with turning tissue regeneration on

Why the fuck can a body make something, it can’t fix?
Like, if you loose an eye or a hand… I’m not excepting it to grow back overnight…maybe it takes a few months or a year but NEVER? That seems like a paywall

Interested in BUG fixes, not feature requests :joy:


Better storage, preferably something that’s validated for the lifetime of the system
(Alzheimer’s/ dementia)

: patch the bug that causes you to bite the inner part of your lips, making it swell, and then having it repeatedly be bit because it’s now too big.
Perhaps a partnership with SawStop might be useful.
This would also affect cheek biting and tongue biting.
Why the hell do we need to bite so hard anyway gosh!


probably turn off team killing with the immune system get rid of autoimmune diseases


It sure would be nice to not have to power down everyday. Much better to enter a reduced efficiency mode as each hemisphere sleeps in turn a la dolphins.


Patch the bug for aging it should stop at 30 and cancer. I read articles that there are new ways to cure cancer like nanotechnologies and using electromagnetic. Aging with stem cells and diet.


Cancer is literally a fucking glitch, it can fuck right off

Halting aging? Idk seems like hax if you ask me

I’m fine with an expected end of life for human 2.0, but I expect it to meet basic expectations along the way

If you want to transfer your account and roll you over to the next gen when that comes , that’s acceptable also in my book


In the Altered Carbon where you find another bio created bodies to transfer is an interesting technology also Jupiter Ascending where living beings live 1000 years old but it needs to harvest human species to thrive…

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I was actually going to reference Quellcrist Falconer from Altered carbon, with her rebellion aiming to upload the virus to limit a human consciousness to 100 years

I mostly support the concept in the context presented, but the question is… would you need to limit human consciousness to prevent the abuse of power that happened, if the ability to carry forwards WASNT limited to the 0.1%

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Got you fam…

Though I think redundant hemoglobin forms is actually a smart diversity thing… avoid single points do failure kind of thing… unless I’m misunderstanding what’s going on there.


Absolutely… parallel chemistry processing.

Bioluminescence. NOW. Really.
In all colours of the rainbow, all kinds of patterns and on every part of my body, depending on how I feel - this would be sooooo beautiful…
Vibrant, mesmerizing patterns when clubbing (or while having some fun :wink: ), some calm, greenish-blue stuff when relaxed, and maybe some fading, darker patterns when I’m sad. Like “someone just drained the colour from my wings”… :slight_smile:


Remove the issue with eylashes entering eyes