I blew someone's mind today

Honestly, never saw someone so immediately and intensely taken by the idea of implants. Ever.

What happened was, after work, I went to the post office to pick up a couple of Feitian NFC readers I had ordered ages ago. Then I went to my favorite bar to have a brewsky. The bartender was the son of the owner: he’s an EE student at the local university, and he helps out at the bar during the summer holidays.

As we were chatting, he saw my cardboard box and asked:

“So, what’s in the box? More vaping supplies?”

“No” I said, “it’s… Well, it might be kind of hard to explain. They’re NFC readers. You know, like your phone, but USB, for computers.” not really expecting him to know anything about it.

°Oh yeah? What’s it look like? Can I see?"


I opened the box and showed him the readers.

“Ooh yeah I know what those are. We have things like that next to all the printers at the university. Whenever we print something, it’s really annoying because we have to walk to the printer and scan our student ID to get the damn thing to print. What do you use them for?”

“Weeell now…” I didn’t really want to bring implants into the discussion, because people’s reaction aren’t always interesting or positive. But I usually don’t lie so there I went. “I have those chips in my hands you see… I use them for various things. Here with those readers, it’s to log into computers.”

The guy went ballistic.

“NO! FUCKING! WAY! Is that a thing man? That’s AWESOME! Show me! Show me where they are! What else can you do with them? Hey! I could have my student ID in a chip! Do you think it’s possible? Who installs implants in town? It’s so great ofmygodohmygodohmygod!!!”

That was unexpected :slight_smile:

I ended up showing more bits of my body to the guy that I really cared to in a bar full of older patrons sipping their drinks and wondering what the fuck was going on between those two dudes over there, and spending 2 hours explaining the ins and outs of NFC and RFID chips to him. And I confirmed that students IDs at the local U are only Mifare Classics, which is interesting, because I happen to study Finnish as a foreign language there also :slight_smile:

So, an interesting afternoon and a refreshing reaction to telling someone I have implants for a change.


That is a cool story, and refreshing to hear

But you know what I found the most mind blowing :exploding_head:

The fact that you hadn’t already found that out during your visits ( Or did I misinterpret that statement )


No and I’ll tell you why: the class I was following last year (that got cut short by COVID-19 forcing the university to close) was an evening class for foreign immigrants, and those students aren’t issued ID cards. But the class turned out to be crap: half the students were asylum seekers who didn’t give a shit about the Finnish language, and just needed to attend to get money from the state. Not exactly interesting for someone who actually wants to settle down and integrate into the country.

This year I’ll enroll in a proper Finnish for foreigners class, which is part of the full university curriculum. So this year I’ll be a proper student with a proper badge.

Now THAT makes sense, and I had an inkling

would be the reason

confirmed that students IDs at the local U are only Mifare Classics

Feel like most universities have Mifare classics and here (UK) they all seem to be setup by the same vendor. All the card readers are the same or similar models and used for the same purposes (access control, attendance etc).

I had the opportunity to get my hands on some of the big uni’s cards and they were all formatted in the same way and used the same sectors to carry the important data. Thankfully each Uni had different A&B keys or that would be a bigger issue :laughing:

Ive got a feeling it could be the same there. Have a look in the last sector, convert the HEX to ASCII and see if you get a vendor name :smile:

I’ll ask at the bar, as I’ll only get my own student ID in September. I didn’t think of grabbing a full dump of the guy’s ID with MCT - I just did a quick scan to confirm the type of chip.

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I didn’t think of grabbing a full dump of the guy’s ID with MCT

Don’t blame you. Before COVID I started showing people the contents of their student IDs (and getting a dump) so they can understand a little better how it works and the issues with the system.

Not sure what the default keys MCT use but the last sector should be a default key other than all FFs, if its the same company Im thinking of.

there should be some files on the phone that literally contain these keys… each line is a new key. this makes MCT interesting to me because you could, in theory, carry around a key library of various files and share those key files.

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some files on the phone that literally contain these keys

could, in theory, carry around a key library of various files and share those key files.

I haven’t played around much with MCT, have only really used the proxmark3. Will need to have a look into it especially if you can add your own keys to the file or separate files. Would make demonstrating already cloned/cracked cards easier overall and on the go.