I bought the wrong kit


I thought I had my tees crossed. I got the wrong kit.
I passed the unopened package over the card reader and got nothing. I normally get a beep with a good card.
Order 11877

What I was trying to buy was the same as our HID Prox Cards
HID 1326 ProxCard II
Final Part #1326LSSMV- 26 bit,
Format Number H10301,
Facility Code 116

Can this be resolved?


Hi Karchambault,

Let me pull up the order. We can resolve it, not a problem. I’ll get back to you shortly.



Hi Karchambault,

I’m hoping to clarify for my sake the trouble you are experiencing. Are you indicating that you are passing the unopened xEM over the card reader?

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Assuming you are simply passing the intact xEM syringe over your reader, you’ll have extreme interference due to the needle that encases the tag.

Also, the xEM comes programmed in EM mode. You will need to clone an HID tag to it to put it into HID mode.

Let me know if my assumption is correct and if you need any further help; it sound like you indeed purchased the appropriate tag.

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Yes, you are correct in both your assumptions.
I was under the assumption that the tag was programmed with some kind of number like the HID Cards I use here.
I encased my current FOB in several layers of interference. it still works. so I don’t understand how the thin needle would interfere.

Please instruct me to the correct choice of glass tag. I would dearly love to be the only IT person in the corporation to have a bio tag.


The tag comes with a UID already. But it’s in EM mode, not HID mode so you need an EM reader. With a strong EM reader and the exacting placement, it is possible to read it while in the syringe, but not easy. The needle is completely encasing the antenna. It does not matter if it’s thin, it creates a strong barrier for the inductive coupling. The antenna is very small and is not easily coupled with to begin with compared to cards with huge antennas comparatively.

All tags are tested prior to packaging.

You have the right tag, you just have to clone it to your HID card to put it in HID mode once it’s installed. I definitely do not recommend trying to clone it in the needle.

Be aware of this issue.

Also check out this


Thank you,
the more I understand, the better I feel.
Glad you could point me in the right direction for cloning.
So, logically, cloning is done post-injection, as it cannot be done in the needle. interesting.