I built a streamdeck with an em4100 reader inside it

So I use an xEM to unlock my car and get into my grandparent’s condo and a few other things. I wanted to sign into my computer with it but there are very few good RFID readers for PC that can log in from the login screen without needing to click somewhere or give some sort of input first. So I made one! and I combined it with another device I use fairly regularly. Here’s a video of it doing exactly what it’s designed to do:

And here are a few pics of the inside:

I 3D printed the case from a file on Thingiverse(Stream Deck/ Marco Keyboard by CDante - Thingiverse) cuz I’m actually garbage at 3D modeling. It uses Gateron red key switches, a raspberry Pi Pico W and an RDM6300 reader. I figured you guys might like to see it, also please ignore my crazy desk. These kinds of projects tend to get it a little messy.


I like that. It’s pretty cool.

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