I cannot HF scan my next chip

I cannot HF scan my next chip.
With proxmark3 easy: LF search works fine , HF search gives no results. I have tried over 50 times every time another position but i get nothing. NFC reader on android is perfect. It reads and writes without a problem. Any advice?

OK first up how long ago did you implant the NExT?

The HF antenna of the pm3 easy is on the bottom board can you confirm that is what your pressing against the implant? A picture would be great if you can get one.

Damn I am a fucking idiot, it was against the wrong part of the board…

Now that I can read it , can I copy a ISO15693 tag to the Next chip (ISO14443-A) or can I only write ISO14443 tags to it?



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unfortunately not. they follow different protocols on wildly different standards

I dont know what you mean by that :smile:

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The HF side of the NExT is not “magic” meaning you cannot change the UID. You can write NDEF data to it but thats about it.

What @Equipter means is iso15693 and iso14443 are entirely different protocols and are not interchangeable.

I understand.
Does it have to be magic? Like could I write it onto this chip supporting the ISO15693?

Yes it needs to be magic. Taken from the product page:

That said the purpose of that implant is if you can get the system administrator to agree to enrolling it they can enrol it like they do any other tag.

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